Why GPS*?
What is

Do you trust your truth?

Maybe you can’t even feel it sometimes. I know I’ve felt that way.

Let me ask:

Have you ever had the experience of being lost, and feeling directionless? (Maybe that was even before the global pandemic…)

You have something you want (it could be a new career, a raise, to create a family, a new lover, to write a book, to fix your marriage, to find your way to happiness, or really...anything).

And you just don’t know exactly what to do to get you there.

Maybe you don't even know exactly what that desire might look like, you just know you need a change.  


When you are lost, your GPS* guides you home.

When you want to get somewhere, anywhere, your GPS* shows you the best way to go.

Every single woman has her own internal GPS*.

Her deep intuition, her deep knowing. Her gut instinct.  

Often we can sense this inner guidance, and we feel like we are in perfect flow, where the opportunities just land in our laps. But perhaps even more often, we feel disconnected from GPS*, and from ourselves. And we feel lost. Or frustrated and impatient with ourselves. 

Which only makes us feel even more off course.   

GPS* is a roadmap to your inner roadmap.

GPS* (*Great Pussy in the Sky) is our inner navigation system that fires up only when we are turned on and in sisterhood.

(When you say ‘pussy’ are you talking about sex, here, Mama? Yes and no, darling. I am talking metaphoric pussy. See, when a woman owns her pussy, she owns her life. She feels confident in her body, proud of her innate sensual potential, and she is living her creative capacity out loud. This is not pornographic pussy I’m talking about. This is pussy, pure and simple. Undomesticated. Humble. Glorious. Knowing her place in the world. No doubts. Only desires.)

In the four weeks of this course, you will not only find the deepest kernel of the deepest truth of your desires, but you will know exactly how to get there.  

One of the most tricky and elusive problems we face as women is connecting to our inner power source. We tend to prioritize what other people want, and deprioritize ourselves.  

The minute we put ourselves last on the priority list, we lose our way.

And when we lose our way, no amount of effort, or hard work, or suffering will ever ever ever get us back home.

We have to learn how to plug back into our own GPS*. And stay plugged in.

Because there is no encouragement of radiance in this culture, and no modeling from one woman to another, we don’t learn how to connect to our inner power. Instead, we find billions of way more important things to do – like take care of others before ourselves.

When in truth, there is nothing more important than feeling radiant.


Sounds crazy, I know. But when we are turned on, we get everything we have always wanted. When our sensuality meets our desire, we become an unstoppable force.

We women are the ones who cut ourselves off, play small, hide, isolate.

When in truth, it is only in the company of women that we can reclaim what was once ours.

This course came out of my own desire for sisterhood and connection. My sisterhood supported me to write this course and create this community.

In turned on sisterhood, we feel powerful, confident, and in control. We know we are not victims, but the heroines of our own lives. We’re the stars of our show. Walking hand in hand with our own divinity, guided by the GPS*, connected with our Sisters.

When we are not standing in our turn-on, on the other hand, we are like lamps that are not plugged in. Utterly useless to ourselves and others. We function as creatures of service and caretaking, rather than living, breathing reflections of the divine.

Which explains why so many women wind up in cleanup and caretaker roles in this world. Why so many women settle for pay that is not commensurate with our talents, training, or interest. 

When we are not connected to our innate life force, we are directionless. We use other people’s expectations in place of our own internal compass. When we are not plugged into our divinity, we feel inadequate – and therefore we’re willing to accept inadequacy. Willing to accept crumbs when we deeply desire – and fully deserve – a ten course, delicious meal.

Sister, we do not have time to live as less than who we are. We do not have time to allow the patriarchal culture to keep the blinders on our eyes. The world requires the voice of radiant, awakened, turned on women. Our voices are desperately needed to recreate our futures, and the futures of our sons and daughters. It’s time for us to reconnect. 

It’s time to prioritize your pussy so you can listen to your own GPS*.

Now, what does that mean, exactly?  

How do you ‘prioritize your pussy’?

You listen. To yourself. Not your monkey mind. Not to what others want for you.  

You learn to connect with your sensuality, your body, your sex: replacing fear with knowledge and power. You learn your pussy has the power to attract, to draw in, whatever you want and need and long for. She is not limited by physical laws. She can shift, bend and move in ways that defy limitation. She can stop, block, persuade, evoke, influence.

Trusting your pussy requires humility and faith. And it is through that paradigm shift – choosing to focus on our desire despite the present exterior circumstances – that we relax into the generosity of life, itself.

What will you
learn in GPS*?

In GPS* (*Great Pussy in the Sky), you will learn...

  • How to get what you want: to attract, conjure, and manifest your desires
  • How to plug into your own internal GPS* by turning on and tuning into your body
  • A new way to pray- with a deeper connection to your source
  • Connection to your native enthusiasm, confidence, joy, freedom, and sensuality
  • Unleash your inner wild
  • Turn on your radiance
  • Become a magnet for your desires
  • Feeling all the feels - with gusto
  • Live your YOU in full technicolor, not black and white
  • Find your inner ‘on’ switch and learn how to flip it
  • How to reclaim your throne and reconsecrate your altar
  • LIfe changing sisterhood
Is GPS* for you?

You have a deep and burning desire. You want what you want so bad you can taste it. There is no evidence that it’s on its way. It seems impossible. You are stuck.  

You desperately need a change in your life and you are lost. You’ve lost touch with your power, your turn-on, your inner spark.

You want more: more turn-on, sensuality, more manifestation of your desires, sisterhood, and connection to your own power.

Your sex life is dead and you need a jump start.  

You have a great idea, you have a big fat desire and you want an amazing, powerful, turned on, outrageous container to flip the switch and turn that desire into reality in record time.

You feel lost. You are depressed and not sure how to get back to yourself. A quiet sense of hopelessness pervades.

You are blocked creatively. You feel dried up inside.

You like the idea of turn-on and sisterhood and pleasure, but you can’t seem to find time for it (or when you do, you feel guilty).

You are hanging on by a thread:  trying to keep your job, dealing with extreme isolation, juggling work and kids and and you have lost yourself.

How does GPS*
guide me?

Your pussy is the seat of your power, creativity, and life force.  

Your pussy has a voice. That the voice of your pussy is distinct and separate from the voice of your ego, which is usually your dominant decision-maker. Pussy is where your intuition lives, where your deepest non-rational knowledge lives – sometimes known as your gut instinct or inner guidance. She integrates information from diverse sources, including the hypothalamus, neocortex, conscious, unconscious, and peripheral nervous system. 

This is why, when our pussy is engaged, we make better choices. We can feel the right next step in any situation. Women whose pussies are turned on make better decisions and move powerfully through the world. 

Pussy is truly our higher power, our no-holds-barred truth-detector, our way-shower, our leader, our divine director.

She is, quite literally, our GPS*.

And yet, we were never taught to listen to her. (In fact, we were taught to never listen to her.) We were taught to run from her truth. (A.k.a. our truth.) We were taught she couldn’t be trusted.

We were taught to ignore her and bow before some other god, some other viewpoint, any other voice but our own.

And we did as we were told.

This was NOT how it always was...

Our ancestors believed that pussies were imbued with protective and healing energies. Flashing your pussy at the devil would frighten him and protect you from his grasp. Pussies could protect villages from opposing warriors, harmful deities, and wild animals. Ancient Egyptian women flashed their pussies at their fields, warding off evil spirits and inspiring the crops to grow. Pussies were known to guard against evil and nourish both the individual and the community.

This is why something so remarkable happens when a woman begins to turn back on and tune back in. When she connects to her pussy, she becomes an unstoppable force. Not through violence or domination, but through continually connecting to an ever-expanding sense of meaning and purpose. Meaning and purpose brought to her when she follows the true design of her life, charted by her most deeply held desires.

All of this hinges on turning on YOUR desires.

The Program: What's Included?

Live Training Calls with Mama Gena (weekly from noon ET - 1:30 PM ET)

  • Monday, July 6
  • Monday, July 13
  • Monday, July 20
  • Monday, July 27

Live Acknowledgement and Digestion Calls with Pleasure Revolutionaries (Tuesday - Friday)

  • Tuesdays, 6 PM - 6:30 PM ET
  • Wednesdays, 10 AM - 10:30 AM ET
  • Thursdays, 6 PM - 6:30 PM ET
  • Fridays, noon - 12:30 PM ET

24/7 access to our private, members-only GPS* Facebook Community

Weekly Homework

"Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary" Q & A (Thursday and Friday)

How is
different from
other courses?

I have travelled the path from being a depressed, lonely, powerless, penniless waitress to becoming an outrageous creative force of change in the world, with a sexy, fulfilling partnership, a great community, and running a multimillion dollar company powered by pussy. The GPS* was my guide, and now I am ready to reveal how to make her yours. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.  

I am going to teach you my daily rituals and practices for staying connected to your GPS*.  

I will show you exactly how to expand your sexual and sensual connection in a safe container.  

I have created a series of meditations that will plug you into your power source, daily.

We will study the ancient goddess traditions as a way of connecting to our indigenous power.  

Loving every drop of your body, no matter your age, your size, your opinion, is an essential tool and I will teach you how.

For the first time, I will be teaching how to awaken the spiritual divine feminine that lives within each of us, and tap into her.

We will be working in small groups to practice all of the tools and technology in the greatest community of sisterhood on earth.  

GPS* is a brand spankin’ new, four-week course that combines manifesting your desires with consistent embodied movement, turn-on, and sisterhood. It’s all about unleashing your deepest held desires. There is no other course like it.

As one student said in our GPS* teaser course, “It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have if you’re not plugged into your pussy, you don’t own your power.”

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