“I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told…”

How does a Sister Goddess prepare herself for a life in the Pleasure Revolution? How can she be expected to conquer dating missions, marriage battles, flirting operations, child rearing maneuvers, and sensual escapades without the proper training and instruction?
Where can a Sister Goddess (read EVERY WOMAN) go to get full immersion in the Womanly Arts?

Mama Gena’s Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp!

If you’re a woman who:

  • has been dying to get down and dirty with the tools, but isn’t ready to take on the full commitment of Mastery
  • wants to get access to the technology of The School of Womanly Arts that doesn’t require all that travel
  • is a Mastery Grad who loved her Mastery experience and wants to become a highly skilled tool master so she can fly at the heights she wants to fly…

…then Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is your course!

That’s right — we’ve designed a four-month program that will take you out of ordinary civilian life and root you firmly in the tools, the arts, the culture of the Pleasure Revolution. Drill sergeants have nothin’ on the leaders of this Revolution. Not only do you get Mama Gena, the Queen of Pleasure, you get Dr. Anne Davin — Mama’s incredible creative partner at the School of Womanly Arts.

Starting in October (click here for all the dates) you will be instructed, immersed, and inspired to move as a Pleasure Revolutionary, think like a Pleasure Revolutionary, and live life full out like a Pleasure Revolutionary.
It’s basic training for every Sister Goddess, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home — and not one push-up will be required! (Unless it’s a bra, and even that’s optional in the Pleasure Revolution!)

Every Boot Camper will get:

  • 24/7 online access to the private “Pleasure Boot Camp” group on Sistergoddess.com! This will be command central during our four months together. It will be home base for the recordings, the homework, and your pleasure research!
  • Live Launch Teleclass* with Mama Gena and Dr. Anne Davin– you’ll be instructed on how the course works and how to get the most out of it. (*this call will be recorded and posted on the Pleasure Boot Camp group on Sistergoddess.com.)
  • Live 60-minute Womanly Art Teleclass Lecturette* with Mama Gena and Dr. Anne Davin the first Monday of each month for four months (*all calls will be recorded and posted on the Pleasure Boot Camp group on Sistergoddess.com.)
  • Boot Camp Tool Sheets: After each monthly Womanly Art call, we’ll post cheat sheets for all the tools related to the Arts that month. Each cheat sheet will give you a thorough description and application instructions for that particular tool! It’ll be like carrying Mama Gena in your back pocket!
  • Monthly live 60-minute Womanly Art Q & A Teleclass with Mama Gena and Dr. Anne Davin on the second Monday of the month: This is your chance to ask questions regarding the application of the tools and arts you’re studying that month. (*all calls will be recorded and posted on the Pleasure Boot Camp group on Sistergoddess.com.)
  • Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary Q & A Forum: Monday-Friday, you’ll have 24/7 access to a special forum on Sistergoddess.com where you can ask seasoned Sister Goddesses questions that arise as you’re applying and perfecting your tool use.
  • Weekly Teleconference Practice Groups – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings: Attend one a week, attend all three — these Practice calls will be hosted by a seasoned Sister Goddess and are considered your pleasure drills. There will be no “drop and give me twenty” on these calls! There will be round after round of bragging, dancing, and gratitude until these practices become as second nature to you as brushing your teeth or conjuring first class trips to Paris!
  • Monthly Homework: Every month you’ll receive pleasure assignments that get you out there, in your life, using the tools and arts. This pleasure research will be the keys to your Queendom!
  • Monthly Award – Boot Camp Butt Kicker of the Month – Who wants to win a two-on-one PRIVATE 30-minute coaching session with Mama Gena AND Dr. Anne Davin? Each Boot Camper can submit a written or video-recorded testimonial about how using the Arts/Tools has impacted her over the past month. Mama will pick each month’s winner and announce it via video. Plus, the winner’s submission will be highlighted on the global forums on Sistergoddess.com!

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is in session: October 1, 2010, to January 31, 2011
(Click here for date page)
Your Investment: $2000.00
This includes everything listed above, PLUS:

  • FREE four-month subscription to Sistergoddess.com global forums! (a $120 value!)
  • FREE registration to the World-Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami this November, which includes three live sessions with Mama Gena, the famous Pink Party, and access to the special hotel rates (a $350 value!)


Only consider this if you’re willing to drop your old habits, STOP following the rules, and be thrust into a whole new paradigm that has nothing to do with hard work and suffering. If you are, then you are the PERFECT candidate for Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

Registration has begun and women have already enrolled! Enroll online or, if you desire a payment plan, call 212-787-2411 x1.
Forward march!!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena


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