The 8-part solution to stress

This past week has been a little monster, a bitch and a bear.
Are you having one of those, too?
We just launched two courses here at the Pussy Palace—the brand new Creation Course, and the internationally reaching Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. And when I start a new course, I like to plunge right in with my brand new students. I had hours and hours of private elite coaching with my Creation Course, so I could meet them all and get my fingers on the pulse of each woman’s most deeply help desires. And then we had two Live Q&A calls, and then the launch sessions this weekend. In fact, Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp launched the same day as Creation!
Oh, and did I mention it was back-to-school week at my house?
My daughter is entering 9th grade, and guess what? Our luggage—which had all her clothes in it, from three weeks at the beach—did not come home from Cape Cod with us. It went as far as Boston. What this meant? The necessity for shopping for three cute shirts, plus shoes, the night before school started.
Oh, did I mention the PTA meeting?
Are you with me?

I know this stress bomb happens in its own special perfect storm kind of way in each of our lives.
Stress is pandemic, epidemic, all over town.
And stress is a no-kidding killer.
Every 34 seconds a woman dies of a heart attack in this country. Sister Goddess Rosie O’Donnell survived one, just last month. And when your sweet little body starts to pump stress hormones, your blood flow is restricted, your nitric oxide levels plummet, and you become a candidate for a whole bunch of woman-centric ailments and serious health risks, including many chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, eating disorders, and arthritis—which lead to depression, irritation, sadness, loneliness, anger. And this is when we medicate with anti-depressants, caffeine, alcohol, or junk food.
Big sigh.
I am getting stressed just writing about stress.

Why all this stress, anyway?
Stress is a consequence of self-doubt and disagreement with “what is.”
As women, we have placed ourselves in direct line with a vast array of responsibilities and challenges, which is pretty exciting. But sometimes we let those responsibilities and challenges take over every aspect of our lives. We pull the plug on pleasure, in an effort to do more and work harder.
Which is what turns the adventure of living into a stress factory.
When a woman is overwhelmed, she works harder, and criticizes herself, thinking she is to blame. Attacking ourselves and our circumstances will never solve the problem of stress. It actually creates more of it.
Stress is actually your power, heading your way, faster than you thought possible.
But your power can never be accessed through self-criticism, blame, or working harder. The antidote lives in a completely different direction.

Let’s talk solution. Because there is one.
In fact there are eight solutions.
Because there are eight Womanly Arts.
(I hope you are feeling better already.)
When you take a Womanly Art and apply it to stress, the stress melts into opportunity. Pleasure takes the place of self-criticism. You become a living poem, a shooting star, an eternal flame (say my name, say my name).
Let me show you how it’s done.

If I were climbing Mount Everest, I would have to pack a really thoughtful backpack, right? Just to survive.
Same thing when I am climbing the Everest of my life.
So, what to do?
I choose my Arts.
I decide to practice 3 of them: Having Fun No Matter What, Owning Your Beauty, and the Womanly Art of Sensual Pleasure.

What does this look like?
Well, each night, I choose some really fun outfit to wear the next day. Something that makes me feel hotttt! I plan a mani-pedi. And I work out a little every day—even if it is only sit-ups and push-ups between appointments, or a quick bike ride to the East River. (OYB*) I plan menus, and shop on Sunday, so the kid and I have great healthy food all week. I make a music list so I can blast tunes I love in little intervals during my work day. When my spin teacher invites me to a cocktail party I say yes and run over for one clean fast hour with my friend Abbey and her date, even though I am exhausted (see photo). I know that fun is refreshing. I splurge and order an iced café latte each morning, followed by a Kris Carr-inspired green juice chaser. (HFNMW**) I self-pleasure every day. No matter what. And I do my favorite S-Factor warm up each morning to get my hips moving and put some mo in my jo. (WAOSP***)

See, when I am busy rocking my Womanly Arts, I raise my whole orbit.
I pull myself up, by my thong straps, out of the stress and into a whole new paradigm, where I am no longer a sock being tossed around in someone else’s dryer, but rather, I am a poem, a shooting star, a flame. I am using the energy of what is coming at me, to vault myself to new heights, by the use of the Womanly Arts.
And sister.
I want that for you.
You never, ever, ever have to be upended by stress again. In fact, you can use the energy of what is coming at you, to toss you higher inside the orbit of being a woman. A living prayer. A Sister Goddess.

In the comments below, tell me: how often do you feel stressed? And how do you handle it? What Sister Goddess moves do you whip out when you have a particularly challenging week ahead of you?

And if you have a really stressed out girlfriend, please share this post.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. The Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend is brewing…mark your calendar for November 9-11th and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

*OYB = Owning Your Beauty
**HFNMW = Having Fun No Matter What
***WAOSP = Womanly Art of Sensual Pleasure


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