A Mission for Sister Goddess Activists Everywhere


This is my ninth Womanly Arts Mastery Program!

I have had the privilege of reacquainting hundreds upon hundreds of women with the most delicious, divine part of themselves for 13 years now.

In all these years, every woman who has taken my class has gotten there the same way: a woman in the world stood for her.

In the beginning, it was me, one woman, standing for women. Then my graduates, who had been inspired and ignited by the experience of the class, began to stand, alongside me, for the women in their lives. They began to bring their friends, their sisters, their moms, their aunts, their cousins, their co-workers. This thrills me, overwhelms me, delights me, and makes my soul soar.  My stand for women is eternal.

My desire to see women stand for one another is taking wing. Sister Goddess Activism is what it means to be on the front lines of the Pleasure Revolution; because of you, me, all of us, women’s lives are forever changed. We all have an eternal stand for the women of this world to dance with every facet of themselves–right here, right now–in our lifetime.

I created The School of Womanly Arts for my daughter, Maggie. And it is my own mother, Bebe, who elegantly holds space for the Mastery students, every weekend. So I have a soft spot for the mamas and daughters of Mastery.

Can you imagine? Mothers, swelling with pride at the sight of their own creations unfolding. Daughters, honoring the women who most profoundly shaped their lives.

Check out SG Marie aka Glamour Puss, whose mother is traveling to graduation all the way from Denmark!


I knew from the very beginning that it was important to me that my mum, Rete, attend graduation. I want her to be a part of this, a part of my new life, so to speak. I have a hard time explaining to people what I’ve learned at Mama Gena’s and why it has changed my life, although my mum has always been very intrigued. I’ve bought all my good girlfriends Mama Gena’s books but knew that my mother had to be there in person to understand, and my wish is that she will return to Denmark with some of the magic that has entered my life.


I have a very devoted mother, so it didn’t take more than me telling her that it would mean the world to me if she attended. That is one of the things Mama Gena has taught me – you first have to ask for what you want! I’m so grateful and proud that my mother is the kind of woman who loves her child so much that without question she would travel across the globe to participate in something she knows is important to me. She is taking a huge stand for me just by attending, and it is a privilege for me to able to stand for her blossoming as a Sister Goddess. This will be my mother’s first visit to New York City, and I know for sure she has never experienced anything like this!


Although I haven’t told my mum that much about the course in detail, she can tell that I have changed and that I am much more thrilled about my life, and honestly that’s all a mother really cares about at the end of the day. She just wants to see me smile, to hear me laugh, and for me to feel good in my own skin—after all, she is the one who created me! And I am most looking forward to her witnessing the power of sisterhood and what happens to a woman’s life when she makes pleasure her guiding force. Who knows what it will lead to! It would be a dream if she were to gather her girlfriends back in Denmark and tell them all about it!


I have the utmost respect for both of my mamas, and I know that my mother will see, hear, feel, and experience exactly what she needs to at graduation. She is my mother, but it’s her journey, and I know Mama Gena will work her magic and have a deep impact on my mother’s life.


-SG Glamour Puss


Could it be any sweeter? SG Glamour Puss told her mother it would mean the world to her to have her at graduation, and now her mother is literally traveling the world to share this experience with her.

I cannot wait to celebrate them. And you. Graduation is for any woman who wants to feel each and every cell in her body ignited by the privilege that it is to be her. And if you really want to soar, bring a sister, a girlfriend, or your mom with you! Registration closes Monday, June 13th, so click here to RSVP!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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