A Place Called “Rapture”


There is a territory, a location, a place, where a woman comes alive.  Where she is effortlessly powerful and radiant and flush with her own beauty.

It is a place called Rapture.

None of us were taught how to find this place.

Or where it is.

In fact, we were actually taught to run the other way, and stay far, far away.

That Rapture was dangerous.

And could get a girl into trouble if she wasn’t careful.

In fact, we were all taught that it was the darkest, most treacherous, and most reviled part of womanhood.

Many of us grew up quite scared by the depth and breadth of that capacity within us.  I know I did.  But it is a part of the soul of woman that deserves to be both explored and mined for the hidden treasures it contains.

Rapture is the precise cliff we jump off, in Inner Circle.

Why?  Well, it is the “worst” parts of woman that I am the most excited to encounter.

There is some raw longing that brings a woman to Inner Circle. And at the start of every cycle, each woman brings an image or object to represent her longing and what she wants to create (pictured above).

It has nothing to do with doing. It has to do with a state of being. This state of being is the Pleasure Revolution in action, but there is no action. It’s a paradigm shift. It does require some willingness and it does require some surrender to a part of the nature woman that is not valued by the collective, but it is the eternal piece of you.

So, I wanted to celebrate these 75 women who chose to boldly go where no woman has gone before, and take that jump off the high dive, right into the heart of Rapture, with me.  We had our first Inner Circle event, last month.  And I am still riding on the gorgeous wave of these extraordinary women who have stepped forward with so much courage, to dive deeply, 20,000 leagues under the sea, to collect the rare pearls that have always been their birthright.

What an extraordinary country that we live in, to be able to even have a place to explore these matters, in this way, in community.  I am so grateful.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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