I’ve Got a Sensual Smorgasbord for You


You know the deal.

I’ve said it time and time again.

A woman who owns her sensuality, owns her life.

And if she don’t, she don’t.  Plain and simple.

The depth of ownership of my sensuality has served as a fertile wellspring for everything I have ever desired, and so much more…

Which is why I insist that you learn every facet of your sensual landscape.


I’ve got tips and tricks that your own mama may never have taught you. But who taught me?

I’ve had the privilege of learning from a handful of incredible pioneers in the world of sensual research. And I want to share with you a few upcoming opportunities to take full advantage of their brilliance!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena


The Doctors Bodansky are researchers of pleasure and the authors of several books on “Extended Massive Orgasm.” They are my secret weapon. If you want to open yourself to a whole new level of your sensual power, I highly recommend booking a sensual session while Dr. Steve Bodansky is in New York City, June 14th-18th. The Drs. Bodansky are my teachers.  I studied with them for many years, and they certified me to deliver an extended massive orgasm!!  I am forever grateful.

The price of a session is $750, and $950 for a couple. If you want to buy a package, you can register for three sessions for only $2,000. Register directly with Dr. Steve Bodansky by calling (925) 943-5374 or emailing him at verasteve@aol.com.


Betty Dodson is an artist, author, and PhD sexologist and has been one of the principal voices for women’s sexual pleasure and health for over three decades. Betty’s latest eBook, My Sexual Revolution,  is the story of one woman’s struggle to liberate female sexuality while enjoying her own. In the 70’s as the feminist movement evolved, focusing on various platform issues like equal pay and voter registration, Betty latched on to sexual liberation as a symbol for self-empowerment. Realizing that so many women weren’t enjoying sex, she asked, “How could women ever be truly equal if they were reliant on men for their sexual satisfaction?” She quickly became the leader of the sex-positive feminist movement and the rest is history. The memoir chronicles her 40-year career as a feminist including:

· Her career as a fine artist mounting the first one-woman show of erotic art in 1968.

· Her experiences with group sex during the Sexual Revolution.

· Her historic vulva slide show that premiered at NOW’s 1973 Sexuality Conference.

· Her infamous Bodysex workshops – teaching thousands of women to take charge of their own orgasms for 25 years.

· Her introduction of the electric vibrator in 1973 to the American woman as a pleasure device.

My Sexual Revolution is available for purchase here:



Caroline Muir is recognized in the field of Female Wisdom as the mother of the awakening-feminine movement.   A celebrated author, Tantra sex educator, sexual healer, and founder of the Divine Feminine Institute, Caroline has dedicated her life to awakening and healing the Goddess within every woman.  In a rare New York visit, Caroline will be holding private sessions exclusively for the Sister Goddess community from June 20th-24th using the nurturing practice of AH (Awakening/Healing) that she personally developed.  Women often carry negative programming about their body, genitals, and past experiences that block our free-flowing orgasmic energy.  Each AH session involves intimate touch to prepare the body for the initiatory awakening of your feminine sexual soul.  During each session, you have the option to remain fully clothed or invite direct contact to your largest organ – your skin.  These sessions will support you to free your limitless orgasmic energy by claiming your true feminine and deepening your pleasure through alignment of your passion with consciousness. Sessions last two hours and are priced at $550. To schedule a session, you may contact Caroline directly at caroline@divine-feminine.com.

As an added delight, Caroline and her partners at the Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Institute will be teaching “The Naked Truth: Exploring Sex, Intimacy and Presence” on the evening of June 24th and all day June 25th.  This unique workshop will explore the secrets of finding, creating, and maintaining a hot, sexy, connected love relationship in your life.  Throughout this interactive experience, she will reveal the components of creating extraordinary love connections, explore the beautiful uniqueness of men and women, show you how to treasure your needs in relationship, and delve into the inquiry of how you really want to be loved.  Space is limited, so if you’re ready for The Naked Truth, just click here to register.

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