The antidote to unhappiness


So you’re not exactly happy with your job, but you don’t have a strong pull on what’s next. You suffer from lack of direction and lack of clear focus like a lingering head cold.

You’ve been with this guy for a while, and there is nothing wrong with him. He’s fine, actually, but you have longings for something more that preoccupy and unsettle you – like distant thunder. Is the storm heading your way? Or will it pass without consequence? You’re not even sure what your preference would be.

Dating. Ugh. Everyone says you should do it, and you’ve been peeking at online sites that you semi-signed up for, but never pulled the trigger. You tried one a few years ago, but it coughed up nothing but losers and weirdos, and the thought of repeating that is more unbearable than sleeping alone.

The desire dead zone. 

It is a spot that all women face. We know deep inside that we need to step forward in our lives, but we don’t have the chops for it. We languish in inaction. Feel uncomfortable every day on account of our lethargy. Our lives seem good to others from the outside. But being slowly gnawed away on the inside is never comfortable.

Our culture teaches us to pop an antidepressant when we feel this way. Seek therapy. Have some wine. Work harder on ourselves. Push the discomfort down.

But what if there is a different way? To not only get what you want, but to take your whole orbit higher? What if the deepest and best part of a woman can only be contacted by plugging into ecstasy rather than pain?

What if the solution lay in shaking off our disapproval and disappointment, and resetting our whole grid by connecting to Sisterhood rather than isolation?

What if the unimaginable can only occur when we take a huge risk in a direction we have never explored?

This is why I created our upcoming event in early November, The Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend in Miami.

In this event, we come together to celebrate Sisterhood. Imagine how it feels to be among 500 women for three days. School of Womanly Arts graduates, students, guests, and women totally new to my work mixing, mingling, networking and growing. We offer this event below its cost to us as a contribution back to our growing community.

Women need a refreshing, reviving reset to take them to the places they long to go. Same old creates same old.

We need to break open our routine and nourish the parts of ourselves that our culture starves in order to create our most deeply held dreams.

This trip is for a woman who has never stepped into that part of herself, but longs to. Whether she has been to Miami a dozen times or this is her first foray:

Miami is for a woman who longs to reconnect with her limitlessness.

I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Intrigued? Interested and want to learn more? Get all the details here.

I also invite you to participate in the conversation below. Have you been to the Sister Goddess Weekend in Miami before? What did you most enjoy about it? How did it impact your life?  Share your story so women considering it can be inspired by your example.

Are you new to my work? Considering coming on the trip with us? What questions do you have?  What would you love to ask me or someone who has been before?

I look forward to talking more, so please leave a comment or a question now.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. We only have 15 Early Bird Seats left at 25% off. Scoop yours up before they’re gone.

This event already happened. Check out The Immersion.

P.P.S. Thanks for all your positive comments about our guest writer last week, Sarah Jenks of Live More Weigh Less. Today is the last day to get access to her free video training series (as well as a Virtual Launch party tonight). Take advantage if you’re inspired.

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