Are you irritating enough to make millions?

Do you trust yourself?

Or do you put your trust in the patriarchal world culture and follow the pathways that have been carved from that bedrock?

Growing up, I was in a perpetual state of not quite fitting in, not quite trusting the world around me.

Deep down, I felt that there had to be something more, something different, something bigger and better than my immediate circumstances.

But I had no idea what that “more” could be.

I was depressed, isolated, and irritated beyond measure.

So irritated, in fact, that I became an irritant inside this culture. Someone who was quietly rebellious and constantly pushing back against the status quo.

(I could never have guessed, at the time, that all of these uncomfortable ingredients would eventually earn me millions of dollars, and transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of other “irritants”…but more on that later.)

I was feeling my way and finding my way in the dark. Experimenting. Researching. Following my desire.

Which did not look like much, at first.

But it slowly blossomed into a life that has exceeded every one of my wildest dreams.

Have you ever felt at odds with your circumstances? At odds with the culture you were born into? Have you ever wanted to blaze a new and different trail?

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See, we are all bombarded, on the daily, with stuff that we think we are supposed to want – marriage, babies, money, clothes, houses, cars.

And sometimes, we really do want some or all of those things.

But then, there is an even deeper level of desire – one that requires a kind of surrender, a kind of quiet listening, a kind of inner attunement to the notes on the scale that we don’t normally pay any attention to.

If you can begin to hear these faint chords, that is where the most astonishing transformation lives. That is p*ssy calling.


Now, when I say p*ssy, I am talking about way more than just p*ssy in the physical, anatomical sense. I’m speaking about your deepest feminine intuition, your wild and untamed appetite, your most profound and pearl-like truth.

Pearl-like, because it will begin as a pearl begins, like an irritating grain of sand in your moist, soft soul, and then – only once you attune – will it reveal its luster, sheen, and value.

So what is irritation, really?

A p*ssy-inspired opportunity to grow, evolve, and expand? Absolutely.
A pathway to living your most deeply held dreams? Without a doubt.
An inroad to Pleasure, Profit, and Purpose with a capital P? Yes, yes, and more yes.

Irritation is a sign, a signal, a siren call to explore your unfulfilled potential. To hurl yourself, headlong, into the unknown.

Let me be clear – this is not the path for everyone. It is for sure the road less traveled.

But there is so much outrageous wisdom in the deep feminine. And if you join me for Pleasure, Profit, and Purpose, I’ll prove it to you.

Before I became the high-powered CEO I am now, I was just a woman with a grain of sand in her soul.

But I chose to trust my p*ssy, and as a consequence, pathways and possibilities opened up that led me to live my dreams, and live my calling.

Which has been a wild, fruitful, and deeply rewarding ride. One that’s allowed me to not only harvest the pearls within me, but to help others do the same.

If you want to learn more about how I made the quantum leap that changed my life – and how you can, too – then sign up HERE for my 4-day series.

Together, we’ll turn that grain of sand into a superpower.

With so much love and pleasure,

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