Are You Unwittingly Starving Your Feminine?

Do you know how to feed your feminine?
What does she like? Dislike?
What fuels her? Dries her up?
What has her relax, turn on, unwind, feel the feels, connect to her higher power, embody her emotions, and most importantly…trust?

The word ‘feed’ is from the Old English fedan, which means “to nourish, give food to, sustain, foster”.

So what I’m really asking is: How do you nourish your feminine? How do you sustain her? Foster her? You know, feed her. 

Figure out all the vitamins and minerals that make her shine, shimmy, and shake in all the right ways. Create space for her darkness and her light.

I gotta say, before I started this work I had no idea.
I only knew how to live like a dry sponge.

And how would I know? What woman really studies the care and feeding of a woman?
My mother gave me a master class in taking care of everyone before herself. 

Mostly, that’s what women do. We actually get Phd’s in how to feed and care for others

We know what our bosses want, we can sense how our co-workers feel, we are all about caring for, feeding, and meeting the needs of our children, parents, husbands, partners, lovers.

Here’s the problem:

Dry sponges spend lots of time doubting themselves, hating themselves, feeling lonely, depressed, disconnected, disapproving of everything and everyone around them.
Knowing that I knew nothing about who I was as a woman, or how to climb out of a lifetime of depression and loneliness – created a hunger in me to learn what it means to feed the feminine body and the feminine soul.

I am constantly refining, relearning, and readjusting the recipes in my ‘cookbook’.

And whenever I learn something new or come across something wonderful, I like to tell everyone. That’s what we do as women, right? We learn something uplifting and we call all of our girlfriends to loop them in. 

For those of us who are new to my work, and these blogs – welcome! – and I want to introduce you to one of the powerful ways I feed my feminine soul, each and every day. 

About 15 years ago, a woman named Sheila Kelly crossed my path and changed my life – both with her remarkable friendship and her incredible movement practice called S Factor. I have been a student of hers for all these many years, and could not imagine my life without it..

Why? Because S Factor is a glorious way to feed your feminine. To listen to your deep truth. To embody your emotions, To turn yourself on. To express your sex. To go wild. Go deep.

And this week, I have an incredible opportunity to introduce you to this practice that means everything to me. Netflix is releasing a documentary called Strip Down, Rise Up that is all about pole dancing and S Factor. I had the great joy of playing a very small part in this movie, which thrills me. And now I get to introduce you to S Factor, which I hope you will check out. 

Moving my body in a feminine way, feeds me deeply. It connects me to my body, my soul, my truth, my emotions, my heat, my sex, my wild. It lets my woman speak to me and express her joys, her sadness, and the ecstasy of being her.

Next week, I will be launching my free, five-day challenge called “A Killer Morning Ritual that will leave you Turned on, Tuned in, and Ready to Take on the World.” Of course dance and body movement are a big part of my morning ritual – and will soon be part of yours – when you sign up for the free challenge. Stay tuned for more details on that next Monday!!

In the meantime, let’s get you fed and fueled with this incredible film, Strip Down, Rise Up, directed by my dear friend, and Academy Award Nominee, Michele Ohayon.

And in addition, let’s keep moving and grooving together on Instagram with our 30-day Dance Break challenge. It’s been so much fun already! Just post one dance break a day, and tag me @mamagena, to have your story shared and celebrated.  

See? There are endless ways to feed your feminine. So grab a sister, watch this incredible film, move your body to a favorite tune, and jump in today! 

With so much love and pleasure,

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Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

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