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 Thursday, January 19th from Noon - 1:30 pm EST.


What is the Womanly Art of Surrender Event? 

For the very first time, I am teaching a LIVE 90-minute course on the Womanly Art of Surrender. Join me on Thursday, January 19 from Noon - 1:30 pm EST.

This is a brand new offering on a topic that I have been workshopping inside of my own life and my own relationship – and by subscribing to my mailing list, you'll get complimentary access!

In a world that encourages women to man-up, exhaust themselves in strong leadership roles, and get major shit done, we can sometimes bypass, without even knowing it, that hot, sacred, sensual, delicious place of surrender. 

If you’ve ever had (even one) of the following thoughts, this course is for you:
I am too angry to surrender
I am so much stronger than my partner is, so how can I surrender?
I make more money in my relationship, so how can I allow myself to feel taken care of?
I am too much in my head to really feel deeply.
Why does my partner love me so much? Are they weak? What’s wrong with them?

For those who could use some divine assistance in getting back to a place of surrender – a place where you trust others enough to feel held and cared for – you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity!