Beauty and the Beach


One of the most common desires I hear from women is to feel beautiful and confident, and to love their bodies. And so many women truly believe that they will finally feel that way once they: lose the weight, fit into a smaller size, get that nose job, boob job, liposuction, or Botox.

When I hear that, I have to slam on the brakes and bring this crazy train to a halt. Owning your beauty is so much simpler than that! And it’s one of the most fantastic side effects of Miami and The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion. Just ask SG Michelle (the beautiful woman who is wearing the glasses in the photo). It was in Miami that this Sister Goddess awakened to the incredible beauty of her very own body, and it’s a love affair that continues on to this very day….

When I first heard about Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts from my Nia teacher, I was not interested. But after a few months, out of nowhere, I began hearing more about Mama Gena from people I’d just met. I started wondering if this was all a sign that I should consider taking the program.

The more I researched and heard other Sister Goddesses’ testimonials on the website, and the more I spoke with graduates from the program, the more I began thinking that I needed something more in my life. I was soon to be going through a career change of leaving my job and returning to school, but I felt that despite the new chapter in my life that was starting in the fall, I wanted to experience it with more flair, more pizzazz, more juice and more ownership of who I was. I wanted to feel self-love, self-confidence, be more comfortable with flirting, and take my life and experiences to a higher level. After witnessing some bragging in my Nia class, I knew that I wanted more of that, and decided it was no accident that Mama Gena’s name started appearing in my life at the time that it did.

For me, everything began coming together in Miami. I can’t believe I hesitated in going! Miami was amazing, and I fell in love w/myself there. I think we SGs took over South Beach that weekend, as we dazzled the streets and water. When Mama offered us the challenge to do something to stretch ourselves, I decided that I was going skinny-dipping. A little daunting and scary at first, my self-consciousness melted away through the support of all the SGs. My transformation moment was the second time I went skinny-dipping in the Raleigh pool at 1 in the morning! I think that was the most daring thing I’ve ever done, and it felt so good…because it was a little naughty. Dashing naked from the pool chair into the water was nothing I’ve ever done in public before. But being in the pool with my fellow SGs under the moon was magical. When I went back to my room that night, and gazed at my body in the mirror, I fell in love with myself. It must have been from all the activities during the day, the Pink Party, and all the skinny-dipping. But until that night, I didn’t know I was so drop-dead gorgeous. My breasts, my butt, even with the cellulite…were all mine…and beautiful. Before then, I’d never seen myself in that way. It was at that moment that everything we’d learned so far began making sense. Such love, peace and gratitude swept over me that night, and I arrived back home after the weekend on a higher level of joy and pleasure. Even now, when I see myself in the mirror, I see my beauty.

The self-confidence I have learned allows me to be in my own power, and it helps me to support other women and upride them with more clarity. I can stand up for myself and say what I want because I own who I am, and am in my power and pleasure to do so. I’m more comfortable with being sensual, and no longer feel self-conscious when I’m intimate with my boyfriend. I am now more open-minded, and can support other women in their desires. I am empowered. I can express my desires, and give into them without feeling guilty. The community of SGs has redefined the meaning of friendships, and the connections I’ve made with SGs are even deeper than those I have with my closest friends from grade school. All women need to take this course!

People who knew me before Mastery have noticed a change in me. I walk taller, prouder, with more openness, and they say that how I speak and present myself has changed. My friends say I own who I am, and embody a confident woman. That to me speaks volumes, and it’s the most sincere and greatest compliment I’ve ever received. I respond with gratitude, and say “Thank you. It’s true.” Thank you to all my SGs, the Pleasure team, the Palace Staff, and to Mama Gena for showing me how to live like the Sister Goddess I was made to be.

With much love,


SG Michelle

If knowing yourself, loving yourself and appreciating every ounce of the gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, incredible woman you are is anywhere on your desire list, I suggest you join us for the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami, which kicks off this Friday at 7:30 p.m. Click here for all the details.

I’m gonna teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your desires:

• How to locate them, wallow in them, celebrate them, stand for them

• I’ll show you all the sneaky little ways we bail on our desires (logic is the number one culprit)

• I’m going to reveal MY proven methods of expanding your ability to receive


• And I’ll give you all my insider tips on how to surrender to those desires, and experience greater levels of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight in your life

Festivities Include:

• Three live events with me, Mama Gena, at the Convention Center in South Beach, Miami, Florida

• The opportunity to connect with Sister Goddesses from around the globe

• Parties, parties, and more parties in South Beach

• Beach time, shopping, lying by the pool, and plenty of pleasure research homework

• A special reading from my upcoming book!


• BONUS INCREDIBLE GUEST SPEAKER: Sister Goddess Lissa Rankin, author of “What’s Up Down There?” will be speaking and doing a book signing.

The cost of the Reunion is $350*. If you enroll with a girlfriend(s) you can each attend the reunion for only $299*! (*Flights, meals and accommodations are not included.)

It’s not too late, you’re not too old, you’re not too broke, you’re not too married or too single, you’re not too grumpy or too shy. You’re not too outrageous or too sexy already. If you are a woman age 18 or older, and there are things you desire in your life that you just haven’t seemed to be able to attain yet, this class was designed for you!

Bring me your desires. Big, small, and everything in-between…. Every time the Sister Goddess Community takes over Miami, miracles and magic ensues. Are you ready to have yours?

You have until 3pm EST on Friday, November 12th to enroll online. Register now.

See you on the beach!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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