Being a warrior woman is overrated

So, there I am

In a twin bed, in a dark hotel room.

Peter is entwined in my arms, pinning me to the bed and we are wildly (and silently) making out with each other, like we are two love-sick teens back in high school.

It’s late at night in London, and we are here for Thanksgiving, visiting our daughters who have both moved abroad in the last year.

Sweaty. Hot. Wet. Hushed.

This is astonishing. Unthinkable.

I am in this man’s arms, dripping with desire. I can feel his fierce need for me, and I match it with my own. Breath on breath, mouth on mouth, fingers finding flesh, meeting, giggling, rapturous. Barely breathing.

This is a discovery like no other.

When, two years ago, my fiancé, Peter, and I broke up, we thought it was the end.


And it would have been, had he not kept us lightly tethered. Always a whisper away.

What we did not know when we reconnected was that we were opening the door to a love that neither of us had ever imagined, ever experienced, or ever even knew enough to desire – with and for one another.

A love so big that it widened its gates, widened its limitations, widened its playing field to contain each other’s full throttle expansion and destruction.

This is the story of a warrior goddess so shielded and sheathed in armor that nothing and no one could touch her heart. Until now.

Here is the balls and ovaries truth: Seven years ago, I really had no idea how to love another human being. I thought the only thing that mattered was being a warrior.

With warrior goals.

Making the money, paying the salaries, educating Maggie, standing for Maggie, holding the community that I was creating, writing the books, changing the world.

In some ways, this single-minded approach was fueled and reinforced by my work at the School. For decades, my courses have been about breaking through the patriarchy; awakening women to their deepest longings and desires – connecting them back to the freedom and power and erotic aliveness within.

Being a warrior woman was my path, my profession, and my personal crutch. I learned to lead from judgment, maintaining impossible standards and weighing decisions with the worst possible outcomes in mind.

And while this brought me great success in business, I had absolutely no connection with my heart.

What I really needed was someone to say: Wake the f#ck up, b*tch. Recognize what you have. You are a resistant a$$hole. Drop the f#cking sword. Don’t run.


What I needed was Mama Gena. But I was Mama Gena. And you cannot MG yourself.

So, that’s where Peter came in. I was waiting for someone like him to break down those walls, and break me wide open. I just didn’t know it yet.

In learning to love this man, I have found a different way to be in the world.
A place, a person, a reason to shed my armor, piece by piece.

And with that, comes a new path of study that I want to share with you.

On January 15th, Peter and I are hosting Broken By Love – a 2-hour masterclass in how to lay down your sword and love with abandon. (Click here to grab your seat now!)


See, there is an all-too-frequent disconnect between being a powerful individual in the world and someone who is able to leverage the power of true intimacy in partnership.

I found out the hard way that we can only realize our full potential through intimate connection with others.

Yes, it took a 7-year journey of expansion, contraction, loss, and reconnection to discover the strength inherent to surrender.

But that is what landed me here…in a London hotel room, unthinkably smitten, and committed to Peter in a way I never dreamt possible.

If you choose to join me for Broken By Love, you will leave with three incredible pleasure practices that you can put into action right now.


You will find the skills and the confidence to nurture your own epic love story – whether it’s yet to arrive, newly beginning, or many years of commitment down the road.

Ready to break up with your love blocks and let love in? Then click HERE to reserve your seat and start that journey today.

With so much love and pleasure,

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