Bettered. Bested. Beyonded.


There are those days, in a life, that you work for and towards with your whole heart and soul, that seem, sometimes, just out of reach.
I know those days so well.
And then, there are those rare and wonderful days in a life, where home plate slides right into you.
A good thing.
But I got bettered. Bested. Beyonded.
This past weekend, home plate got handed to me on a silver platter. 925. Engraved.
The launch of Spring Mastery 2014 was the highlight of my teaching career.

The extraordinary assemblage of women was more than inspiring. I am still vibrating from the soaring altitudes we climbed together.
Soaring altitudes of sisterhood.
Sisterhood is not something we get taught as women. We have been taught not to trust women–that women are back-stabbing social climbing jealous detractors who can steal our men and take our jobs, and we have to be on guard, all the time.

And what I saw, felt and experienced in Weekend One of Mastery was the sisterhood redux of my dreams.
Lifetimes of annihilation melted into unity.
Discord into concordance.
Women standing for one another.
Inspiring each other.
Holding one another.
Recognizing the depth and breadth of the power of connection.
Experiencing the cell-changing power of sisterhood.
So quickly.
The lonely drought of estrangement for women ended with communion so deep and thirst quenching that it has already reached way beyond the walls of the School of Womanly Arts.
I cannot wait to see where we are going next.

I am so thankful to have the best team on earth, who made this magic happen.
And I am flat out on my knees grateful to have met and experienced the most brilliant, beautiful, radiant assemblage of women that I have ever encountered, in this Mastery 2014.

In so much love and pleasure,


p.s. If you were there, feel free to share the love in the comments below!

photos: lizlinder.com

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