My Biggest Birthday Desire


You just clicked this open, didn’t you?
And when you are finished reading, you might get up, walk away from your desk and head to your next meeting, grab a cup of tea, or whatever.
About like that?
For most of us. Yes.
But for 6 million people in this country, it just ain’t so.
And it is on behalf of those people that I am writing to you.

About five years ago, my friend’s son, Janne Kouri, was injured in a diving accident.
Janne has been confined to a wheelchair since that time.  But he had an opportunity that most people who have similar injuries never get a chance to have.
He has had the ability to work out, daily, with a trained team on specially-designed equipment, which has led to incredible results.

Watch this video:  Janne Dances with His Wife for the First Time

And not only has he made so much progress himself, but he has dedicated himself to making sure everyone in a wheelchair has the same chance at rehab that he has.  He began a foundation called NextStep Fitness.  Janne believes that all persons living with paralysis and other physical disabilities deserve the hope and opportunity to live long and healthy lives. Yet today most of these individuals are deprived of the resources they desperately need for survival because there are no options available to them or they cannot afford them.  NextStep, http://www.nextstepfitness.org, provides the opportunity for health and recovery through affordable and progressive community fitness, health, and wellness facilities.

Imagine if everyone who is currently in a wheelchair had access to the latest technology and the latest equipment and were able to work out and rehabilitate.
We could change the future for so many people who do not know that they even have a chance.
And this year, our New York fundraiser is taking place on June 7th, which is my birthday.
I would be so honored and grateful if you would consider attending this event and/or supporting this incredible foundation.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. I spent a day in a wheelchair in support of NextStep’s Wheelchair for a Day Challenge. Watch the video below for a taste of my experience:

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