Blood sisters


I am in the middle of an International Countdown.
A huge caper.
Me, my team, and women from 10 different countries and 30 different states are on the road together, even though most of us have never met.
We are all winding our way down indescribably different roads, heading to the same destination.
We will meet, in about ten days, at the first weekend of Mastery.

(Pssst…we have 9 spots left.)

And, as you can imagine, this convergence is much on my mind.
So many women, from so many different backgrounds, different cultures, different life experiences.
What do we have in common?
A deep, numinous tug that feels like destiny.
That nothing else soothes or speaks to.

This deep numinous tug — listened to, responded to, served, surrendered to — is the very recipe for a woman to begin to truly live her unimaginably beautiful destiny, rather than quietly, desperately longing for it.
And there is nothing more important for a woman to pledge her life to.
Each woman is a perfectly designed essential contribution to the future of the world she inhabits. Mastery is the key to unlocking a woman’s ability to live the legend she was born to become. 

I am immersed in studying and preparing for this upcoming weekend, and I came across the notes for a slideshow that I show in class on Sunday. I take women on a historical tour of how the divine feminine was celebrated over the last 30,000 years of human history. I love this part of the curriculum. I love the stories, I love the images. I love knowing that I am “she who bleeds, but does not die, and gives life…”
And you are that, too.
We are all blood sisters.
When I very first began to learn about the ancient goddess traditions, and saw how women were once revered, rather than disparaged, I felt like a room opened inside my soul.
Not just a room, but a huge, glorious ballroom, dripping with gold, filled with treasures, radiant with light.
It was a space that I had been looking for, inside myself and outside myself, for such a long, long time.
I had always wanted to understand my spiritual value as a woman, and I had been unable to connect to that value through any of the patriarchal religious systems.
Here in the indigenous, here in our common ancestry, I found home plate.

Of course a woman would have once been considered divine — she creates life with her body!
And once I understood that that was the common ancestry of all of us, I could relax into my own desires and my own divinity in an even more powerful way. Which is every woman’s birthright.
This is something we get to explore and experience in great depth, over the next six months in Mastery.
In celebration of this upcoming launch, and in celebration of you, my blood sister,
I’d love to hear,  in the comments section below, your answers to the following questions:

If you were truly divine, what would you want to create with your life? (Click to tweet!)
What would you do with your divine life this weekend?
What would your hot holiness expect from the men/women in your life?
How would the higher power in you treat yourself differently?

Explore with me, with us, as we prepare for the kickoff of the world’s greatest celebration of the divinity in women. I invite you to take one of this year’s few remaining spaces.

In so much love and pleasure,

p.s. Have questions about Mastery? Hear from my grads directly in last week’s blog post, “I have an answer for you.” Or call and talk with Lauren or Hannah at (212) 787-2411 x2.

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