The #1 Key to Bold Confidence (and All That’s Possible As a Result)


They say that fortune favors the bold.
But what if there is nothing really bold going on right now?
And worse still—what if I think I actually have no bold?
And what if I am right?

I like to think of myself as an avid student of bold.
As an educator and thought leader, I have studied boldness and women for 25 years.
I have been preoccupied with the question of why so many women seem to have such a limited ability to access their power and voice—that nothing they do seems to ameliorate or resolve. 

Another word for bold might be confident.
Or perhaps, passionate.
Enthusiastic, certainly.

Watching the Olympics this summer, we got to see a lot of women who were all those things: bold, confident, and passionate.
And then we got to see the step that follows all of that: accomplished.

The fun of the Olympics is watching all of that come together, especially in the body of a woman.
I cried every time a woman won.

Because I know how hard it is for women to find the courage to take the step into risking their passion and building their confidence, in a world which does not really support women to be bold.
And these Olympic athletes’ innate boldness got so very favored with fortune.

But as a whole, our culture is programmed to keep a woman small.
And as a result, we see a staggering lack of confidence amongst women and girls. And it is infuriating.
My life’s work, and my brand new book, is my deepest effort to change that.  

If our girls cannot get a handle on their innate outrageousness, how can they give voice to their truth? How can they impact a world that deeply longs for the impact of the feminine?
And what about ourselves, as grown up adult women?
Who have not ever had the support that we have needed to take those outrageously bold steps in the direction of the dreams we keep inside?

Over the years, I have met so many thousands and thousands of women who are not living into the furthest reaches of their dreams and desires.  

Maybe they have the job they want, but they are not making the salary they deserve. Maybe they have the salary they want, but not the relationship they long for. Or they have spent so many years striving to keep up and catch up, that it’s now too late for motherhood. Or perhaps they have compromised every which way. Or maybe they are just working too damn hard to make it all happen for everyone else, to have any left for themselves.  

Pussy: A Reclamation is the antidote to a shelved dream, and the secret key to open the locked door of any desire that any woman has ever longed for.
Because once a woman gets plugged straight into her no-kidding-let’s-not-f*ck-around power source, she can circumvent years of compromise and living small, and head straight to the top, jump to the front of the line, and slip behind the velvet rope of boldness.
Where, yes, even her fortune is favored.
Which is really the whole point of life.
As I state in my new book: 

“The solution for the epidemic of powerlessness among women, which neither great success nor higher education is able to solve, is simple: reconnecting a woman to her pussy. Just as pussy is the source of all human life, pussy is the source of each woman’s connection to her own life force, her voice, and her sense of internal power. When a woman turns on her pussy, she is actually turning on her life force and connecting to her divinity.”

My life’s work has been about creating this very pathway for women: the missing pathway out of victimhood and into our own inherent radiance. A pathway that does not depend on anything or anyone, but rather places the power firmly in a woman’s own hands. When she designs, and then lives, her own destiny, a woman naturally sets right everything wrong in our world. But the first step is the most crucial—she has to get right with her own pussy. More than right. She has to turn on the most disparaged, maligned, and unknown part of herself.

What does that look like, even?

Well, let me give you an example. I am a late bloomer. I did not really start riding horses until I was well past the age when most people are hanging up their saddle and bridle. But I have always had a secret dream to ride in a horse show. I know, I know, it’s kind of crazy, kind of silly, kind of pointless. But dreams often look that way, at first.  

I was all signed up for a small local horse show last week, but my daughter came down with a colossal case of mono and strep, and she needed me.  

When I was finally able to return to the barn, my teacher informed me that the only horse show left, was the Hampton Classic. And that the enrollment for that show had closed a month ago.
But, remember.

I not only read Pussy: A Reclamation, I wrote the book.
So, I don’t let little things like rules or reason, get in the way of my desires.
And I took myself over to the office of the Hampton Classic and explained that I had utterly missed the deadline, and I was probably way too old for this nonsense, but, it was my deepest dream to be in a horse show, and could they please possibly put me in.
And guess what?
They did.

So, I promise to keep you posted on my bold adventure.

But only if, in the comments below, you share the dreams and desires that you have.
What longings have you put on hold? Where have you held back? Or, where are you boldly going that no woman has gone before?



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