Can you believe this?

This event already happened. Check out Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.


It’s 8 days until Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp launches.
8 Days until I get my hands on the women whose lives will utterly and completely transform in the next 10 weeks.
8 Days ’til I set loose a whole stratosphere of change in the way this community of women will light up themselves, and light up the world around them.

These next 8 days are a holy time for me.
I spend time, every day, in gratitude—for every woman who has said yes to her deepest, most un-namable longings. To every woman that is reaching for a new paradigm of living her deepest truths, her greatest beauty, her radiant sensuality, and risking the deep passions that long to be lived inside her.
I welcome you, I honor you, my new Virtual Pleasure Boot Campers.
Whether or not you ever take a class with me, know that you will be in my prayers every morning, this week, at sunrise, on the beach.
Now is the time for women to awaken. I stand for you.

In the words of some of my grads:

“If you’re considering joining Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, jump in and get ready to have your life changed forever. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. My husband and I went from grunting at each other to spending candlelit nights in a bath full of rose petals and milk. Our relationship turned into pure gold. In one year, we went from being broke newlyweds with a newborn baby to living in a totally mortgage-free million-dollar home. I know I am being rewarded for my initial leap of faith. It was and still is one hell of a ride.” – Nicole, Australia

“I attended all the classes from the comfort and privacy of my own home, in an entirely different continent! Not only did the program connect me with amazing women, it gave me the Tools and Arts to celebrate the woman I am, every single day. Before Boot Camp, I learned to put up a huge inner shield in my all-male work environment. I now know how to stay grounded and energized throughout my workday. I’ve become the expert in my office at having fun no matter what! I learned to ‘conjure’ my desires in record time, including everything from concert tickets to a free trip to Paris.” – Malaika, engineer, the Middle East

“Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp was one of the most joyous, healing, and fun experiences of my life. It was actually a turning point, when I moved from living in loneliness and isolation to the magic, joy, and power of living life in community. Boot Camp completely, profoundly, and totally transformed me.” – Elizabeth McDonald

“I am so excited for everyone who signs up for Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp! I did the last one and it kicked my shapely butt up the ladder of pleasure in the most delightful, fun, understanding way. We had goddesses from all over the world participating. The ‘Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary’ forum alone was worth the price—such good advice that was immediately applicable to life wherever we were and whatever we were doing. It was the perfect starting place for learning to apply the Tools and seeing just how powerful community is. Ohhhhh, do it, do it, do it!” – Ti, coach, California

“The tools I learned in Boot Camp TRANSFORM my days. I now see all my achievements and how well I am doing, instead of seeing my days as a fight. It’s a complete change of mindset. Over the years, I played myself down and turned into a wallflower. Now, I use the street as my runway.” – Katie, HR – Financial Markets, London

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It takes an army of sisters and in-depth training in the SWA technology to move from wanting what you want to getting what you want, on a daily basis. If you’re ready to unleash your desires on the world inside this global sisterhood, then join us in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. Enrollment closes Thursday, September 6th! You can enroll online here or call The Palace at 212-787-2411 x1.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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