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August 30, 2012

This event already happened. Check out Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. Darling, It’s 8 days until Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp launches. 8 Days until I get my hands on the women whose lives will utterly and completely transform in the next 10 weeks. 8 Days ’til I set loose a whole stratosphere of change in the way...

July 24, 2012

Stand back, sister. Yo’ Mama is sounding the alarm and coming at you with guns blazing. We are living in a state of GLOBAL IGNORANCE that has gone on waaaaay too long.  Women are not taught how to get what we want. Yup.  Not taught.  Dontcha just feel, sometimes, like you are swinging at the...

July 12, 2012

Yes!!!  It’s happening today!!!! The School of Womanly Arts is about to launch our Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, and in honor of cutting a woman loose from whatever limits her genius, and celebrating the potential in every single one of us who has ever had a desire for MORE, I am launching this free video...

June 28, 2012

Darling, We’re nearly four months away from a Sister Goddess takeover of Miami at the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend, November 9-11! I wanted to let you know that we are currently offering an Early Bird savings (available for the first 100 seats) of $100 off the tuition, bringing your total investment down to $299. Please...

June 18, 2012

This event already happened. Check out Mastery. Hey, darling. I’ve got some very exciting news. Enrollment for Spring Mastery 2013 is officially open! If you’ve been desiring, considering, wondering, or daydreaming about Mastery, now’s the time to dive in! Women have been calling for details since before this year’s Mastery even began and have already...

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May 31, 2012

Darlings, June 24th… Each year it gets better and better, just like you. Yup—hotter and hotter, just like you. More filled with exploding possibility—just like you. What is it? It’s the Graduation Celebration of The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program, Spring 2012, and you are cordially invited!

May 24, 2012

Darlings, You just clicked this open, didn’t you? And when you are finished reading, you might get up, walk away from your desk and head to your next meeting, grab a cup of tea, or whatever. About like that? For most of us. Yes. But for 6 million people in this country, it just ain’t...

March 08, 2012

This event already happened. Check out Mastery. Darlings, Just wanted to let you know that enrollment for Spring Mastery 2012 closes tomorrow, Friday March 9th, at 5PM. Weekend One doesn’t kick off for another nine days, but women have already begun going crazy… (What do I mean by “crazy”? Check out Tuesday’s blog.) These are...

March 01, 2012

Hey sisters, I wanted to make sure that all of you who are lurking at various stops on the pre-Mastery pipeline had the inside track on this newsflash. Next year the price of Mastery will be increasing from $4,950 to $6,500. I know, I know, I hate price increases. That’s why I wanted you to...

October 20, 2011

Beginning November 1st, this series delivers a comprehensive and immersive program to bring the passion, soulful connection, and enduring love into virtually any relationship. Best of all, it’s FREE and online!


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