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September 18, 2012

So far, 2012 has been a very loud year for Pussy. Which is unusual. I cannot recall a louder year, actually. There have been ups, there have been downs. And make no mistake, her voice has been LOUD. The runaway success of Fifty Shades… brought the topic of sex and sexual gratification in a wider...

July 31, 2012

There was a day, before The Pleasure Revolution. An ordinary “plain old, plain old” before the Womanly Arts. When I had been working at my “bridge job” for about 10 years too long. You know a bridge job. It’s that job you take that you don’t really invest yourself in, because your plan is not...

July 12, 2012

Yes!!!  It’s happening today!!!! The School of Womanly Arts is about to launch our Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, and in honor of cutting a woman loose from whatever limits her genius, and celebrating the potential in every single one of us who has ever had a desire for MORE, I am launching this free video...

June 26, 2012

Before you think I have completely lost every cookie in my jar, I have to tell you, that line is not really my line.  I stole it from Kris Carr.  Borrowed it, really.  Trying it on to see how it feels. I like it. You try.  Go on. Right now—come on, give it to me. ...

June 19, 2012

Oh, Sisters. Why, why, why would you ever open this post with such a horrifying subject line? Flab. Cellulite. Dangling arm fat. I mean, which of us has not accused ourselves of having all of the above at one time or another? I mean, just last weekend, I went riding with my goddaughter and at...

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May 24, 2012

Darlings, You just clicked this open, didn’t you? And when you are finished reading, you might get up, walk away from your desk and head to your next meeting, grab a cup of tea, or whatever. About like that? For most of us. Yes. But for 6 million people in this country, it just ain’t...

May 15, 2012

Who hears voices? Do you? Joan of Arc did. But was she a heroine? Or just some misguided 15th century gangsta girl with a dream? Howzabout Cassandra? Whom Apollo granted the gift of prophecy? She saw the future, but she was cursed so that no one would ever believe her. Some of us hire psychics...

April 10, 2012

When was the last time you felt beautiful? Are you beautiful? I am beautiful. Are you? I am soft, slim, sleek, and sensual. I take time, every day, to appreciate, exercise, stretch, and celebrate my body. Do you? My hair is either a mess of curls, or swept into a soft straight swing, at my...

February 21, 2012

My compatriot, Dr. Christiane Northrup, is the world’s leading expert in the field of women’s health and wellness. She has a chance to talk about things with us, in the privacy of the Mastery setting that she never gets a chance to speak so openly about anywhere else, and it’s followed by a wonderful Q&A session where you get to ask her anything you want. I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

January 12, 2012

As I sit here, I am filled with pleasure. I’m holding the third edition of The Wisdom of Menopause, hot off the presses. The Wisdom of Menopause is a manual for negotiating the mother of all wake-up calls—perimenopause. And it’s loaded with new, fun, and life-saving information for women age 35 and up. The book and I have both come a long way since 2001, the year the very first edition of The Wisdom of Menopause was released. I see so clearly that the missing ingredient in my life (and in the first edition) was….you guessed it—pleasure. Yes. Pleasure.


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