Could You Imagine Yourself in This Photo?


I love collisions, explosions, and eruptions of ecstasy that change a person’s destiny.
And The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program creates countless moments of these moments.
In this photograph you are actually witnessing a woman in real time, in the Radical Act of Pleasure that changed her life.
Can you feel the fun?
The courage?
The conspiracy on her behalf?
This exercise occurs in Weekend Four, and it teaches a woman the art of going from agony to ecstasy, in a microsecond.
It is called the “yes” exercise.
And it is just one of dozens of Tools and Arts that each woman learns in Mastery that allow her the freedom to change the course of her life to a direction she determines and desires.
Not a shabby tool to have in your back pocket, in this day, and this age, huh?

Listen in on this latest installment of our Radio Portrait series, to hear Sister Goddess Mary Virginia describe her radical act of pleasure, in her own words…

Join me in celebrating Mary Virginia in the comments below by telling us what her Radical Act of Pleasure inspires in you.

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With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

Photo: lizlinder.com

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