Ten thousand flavors of tears

I am writing from a small café on the Champs-Elyseés, soaking in the final moments of my time in Paris (pics below!). After four days together in this breathtaking city, we just completed the graduation session for the Creation Course, and I’m overflowing.

Overflowing with pride, with joy, and with volumes of gratitude.

These women have courageously generated a whole new vocabulary of emotional truth, range, and depth inside their magnificent sisterhood, exploding with the perfection of every kind of tears.

It’s not just the vanilla happy or vanilla sad women have been programed and permitted to feel.

It’s full depth and breadth and range, introducing us to flavors and colors that our souls have been longing for.

When a woman learns to feel truly right about herself, truly grounded in her own majesty, she becomes the poet of her emotional landscape.

A wildflower field of tears.
Tears of every flavor, every texture, every fragrance.
High notes and low.

She erupts in heirloom tears of her ancestry.
Tears of gratitude for a sense of belonging in a way she could have never imagined.
Tears of too long pent up rage, finally hitting the release button.
Tears of empathy.
Tears of breaking through to learn parts of herself that she never knew she could stand inside the rightness of feeling.
Tears of joy that is so effervescent, so sparkling, that it has no known container.
Tears of relief at finally having been seen, been known, been gotten.
Tears for her mother and her mother’s mother who never knew what was possible.
Tears of release.
Tears of celebration.
Full on, full out, tears of finally feeling her freedom.

This is what we all want.
And yet, it’s what we were all taught to shy away from.
We want to live the full emotional range of what it means to be a woman.
We all deeply long to sop up the good gravy of life and lick the plate clean.

This is what reclamation looks like, and this is my desire for you and for every woman who enters the doors of the School of Womanly Arts.

Here are some pics of our adventures in Paris – including a flash mob at the Eiffel tower, a chateau and gardens lit by 2,000 candles, picnic in the park and so much more. I hope they inspire and move you. Check out our photo album on facebook, here!

In so much love and pleasure,



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