Dance your darkness with this playlist


Last week, we talked about the epidemic of “fine” in women. Actually, we didn’t just talk about it, we detonated “fine.” In case you missed it, you can read it and join the conversation here.

This week, I want to take you deeper into the gold that lurks underneath “fine.” After a lifetime of being taught to cut ourselves off from the full spectrum of our emotions, we need some help sinking into them and moving them through.

Fortunately, we have music to transport us to a place of connection. You know how a piece of music — a lyric, a phrase, a note — can unexpectedly connect you to a deep emotion? Well, that is the perfect place to start feeling more, and unpacking “fine.”

I have a carefully curated playlist that will yank your fine chain and allow you to connect with the gold inside.

Play the list loud, and see what comes up as you dance, move, roll around, throw pillows, stomp, moan, and connect with your dark side. I suggest you click on one and play it right now. (And when you’re done, tell us about it in the comments below!)

Dance Your Darkness Playlist:

If you have a different favorite song for dancing it out, share it below. I can’t wait to hear your stories and learn what lies beneath your “fine.”

In so much love and pleasure,

photo: lizlinder.com

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