How Do You Want to Feel?

There are some people in the world I just breathe better around.
You know what I mean?
I am just grateful knowing that she is out there, doing her grand, gorgeous and generous thing.
And I am resting easier in my skin today, because I had a chance to chat with her a few days ago…

I bring you…the trailblazing truthologist herself, Danielle LaPorte. Check out my video interview with her, where we rock and roll on “The Strategy of Desire.” As you know, desire is one of my hot topics, and she brings a fresh approach to it that you may never have considered…

(NOTE: this woman speaks the truth at such a high velocity, that it takes the picture a minute to catch up from time to time…press play and let it rip…)

The Fire Starter Sessions will get your creative circuits sparking and firing.
You will be filled with the potent passion of possibility for living your own creative adventure.
Run and buy her new book and let her fill your sails with inspiration. (By the way, I get no kickbacks, I just believe her work makes the world more vibrant.)

Did this video spark something in you? What are your “core, desired feelings”? Tell me in the comments below…

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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