Desire is a verb – go on and wallow, darling.

There’s one thing I teach women from all over the planet that is probably the biggest game changer of all:




Let me say that one again.

t r u s t   .   y o u r   .   d e s i r e s   .

That impulse, that vision, that pull you feel towards whatever you want is your connection to the Divine. And we’ve been trained not to trust our appetite — not to want too much, for fear of looking greedy, being disappointed, or appearing demanding.

Desires are not about that at all.

Desires are the interface between you and that which is greater than you.

Desire is where creation begins.

What lofts a desire into creation is sheer enjoyment. And that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on here.

When you enjoy your desire — savor it, breathe life into it, study it, invest time into it — things start to happen. Things that you never ever could’ve cooked up for yourself or even believed possible. But this doesn’t come from willing it in your pretty little head — or desperately hoping that it will come true.

Desiring is a verb — an action verb.

And desires LOOOOOVEEEE attention. And desires LOVE Sisterhood.

For example, this year we had two gals in Boot Camp who live in Europe and really wanted to join us for The Immersion: Miami this weekend. They got into action with their desire, and made an absolutely adorable video, talking about their desires to come and stay with another Sister Goddess in her hotel room, because they couldn’t afford the flight and hotel. They shared it within the community, and guess what? They got their wish, and we’ll see them down there in just a few days.

Then there’s Sister Goddess Lynda, who desired a baby so desperately when she attended Mastery way back in 2006 — and she shared her longing with her sisters for the first time. At that point, she hadn’t even conjured her great guy yet! Fast forward a few years, one legendary love, and three fertility experts later (who all told her she had less than 1% chance of getting pregnant naturally). Through the whole ride, Lynda held strong to her desire to be a mama. She and her husband moved forward with treatments that would give them the highest percent chance of conceiving their child. Even put down a $500 deposit at the fertility clinic. Then, on the day she’s headed in to sign the final papers, she decides to take a pregnancy test, just in case (because she had been enjoying her husband so much!). That’s the day she found out, at the age of 45, that her baby girl was on the way to her.

The moral of both of these stories is to get active and engaged with your desires. Place exquisite and fun attention on them. Don’t worry about outcome. The fun is in the process. The enjoyment. The wallowing. We’ve gotten so focused on the “end result” that we get pissed, frustrated, and annoyed, and want to throw that juicy, lusty, greedy part of ourselves out the window. This is a dangerous move.

Squelching our appetites and our desires is what makes us overeat, overspend, overlook ourselves. It dampens our light, our fire, our energy. It’s a habit I’m out to eradicate in my lifetime.

So, grab your desires with both hands, ladies; declare it out loud and lunge and plunge into the delicious waters of your desires as though you’d been lying out in the sun for hours, and decided it’s time to cool off. You throw off your clothes, make a run for the dock and plunge into the refreshing waters. You can even let out a whoop as the cold waters envelop your body and you remember that you are ALIVE — because that, my dears, is the power of pleasure.

Tell me . . . how will you wallow, deliciously, in your desires this fine day? Let me know in the comments!

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