My 3 Tips for When Your Desire Gets Real, Fast

Have you ever had a desire – a big, big desire –
that you’ve nurtured for months, years, even decades –

and then there comes a moment in time when you realize it is actually happening?
That it’s actually coming to you, with more velocity than you can even handle?

About a year ago, I started writing a book. It was a book I had been wanting to write for a decade, but I had only been able to work on in spurts and stops.

But finally, my schedule parted enough for me to plunge into the delicious waters of my desire, and the book has been pouring out of me like a fire hydrant in August.
Which is a really good feeling.
And kind of overwhelming.

It’s the overwhelming, scary part I want to talk about today.

Once a woman connects with desire, she gets plugged into an adventure like no other, where she gets broken open and remade by the very thing she longs for.

There comes a time – as you roll your desire forward, and continue to pedal in the direction of your dreams – that the very desire you had been nurturing along starts to sprout and bloom and burst forward in such a way that you no longer feel like you are creating it, but rather, like it is creating you.

Know what I mean?

It’s that moment when you are just learning to ski, and you hit a real slope (not on the bunny hill) and suddenly your skis seem to dart out from under you and speed you somewhere you are not sure you want to go, or you are ready to go.

Or, the guy you have been impatiently dating suddenly seems oh that much more in love with you, than you are with him.

I remember sobbing on the phone to my father, the night before I had Maggie, that I just was not ready to be a mom. She was in my arms 24 hours later.

This book is a big deal for me, because I am not writing it as Mama Gena. I am writing it as Regena.

It’s also big for me because of the title, which forces me to stand behind my truth in a more powerful way than I ever have. (Gonna leave you in suspense for now…)

The book isn’t coming out for over a year. But right now, an interesting, exhilarating and (let’s be honest) totally terrifying thing is happening:

I am finding that the world is pushing me, already, further and faster out of the closet than I might have wished to go.

Last week, I had the great fun of being on MarieTV with my bud, Marie Forleo.

In her intro to the episode, she described a moment of pussy truth and beauty that happens during one of my favorite sessions of Mastery. She pulled back the curtain on an experience I had previously held tightly protected, inside the sacred container of the classroom – because I thought it wouldn’t translate or be received in the right way. That the world isn’t ready. I loved what she wrote, and am so grateful she stood for me and for my work in that way.

Nudges like this are happening everywhere.
Invitations and opportunities are starting to fill my inbox.
Our courses consistently sell out and fill to capacity.
Sisterhood is spreading.

Whoah. Girlfriend has to catch her breath. This is really happening.

I want you to know that this moment – when your desire starts to rush forward on your behalf – it’s coming for you, and for all women who choose to live into the unfolding adventure of their desires. Maybe it already has.

Here are my go-to tips of how to handle those moments – when you feel like you have switched to a new gear, and your desire is dragging you forward, rather than the other way around.

The first, last, and always thing I reach for is a powerful dance break.
I dance my fear.
I dance my gratitude, and more gratitude.
I dance my “I deserve this-ness”.
I dance my ‘whee!’

{*Endless thanks to my trusted dj’s Ruth & Bernadette – they never fail me.}

Then, I spring clean. This is an exercise that allows you to dump dump dump all of your fears and concerns about growing into the woman you were destined to become. (This exercise is explained in my very first book.)

And finally – I brag.
Yes, I do.

So, here goes:

I brag I am a woman who celebrates and honors the construct of what it means to be a woman. I brag I had the ovaries to write this book. I brag I am a woman who loves her pussy. I brag I am doing my earthly best to make the world a place that can handle who and what a woman is. I brag I am brave. I brag that you are incredibly brave for reading this blog and subscribing to this newsletter. Pussy on, sisters …

Now, I want to hear from you.

Join me in the comments — tell me how you handle it when your desires start to overwhelm you by picking up steam and a velocity you could not have imagined.

What tools do you use? What are your favorite dance break songs? And yes, oh yes, please do give me a brag!


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