Do you kill your own dreams?

Hey Sisters,


It is just before 10AM on Saturday, as I write this. In one week, at 10AM on Saturday, I am going to be launching the brand new session of the 2012 School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.
It will be a really big day for me since this is going to be our largest Mastery class yet, with 250 women in the room. This means so much to me for so many reasons—each woman in that room will have been placed there by one of my beloved Mastery grads. There is a legacy of love and friendship and passion that I will step into, and I am overwhelmingly grateful, not to mention beyond excited, to get my hands on all these amazing, powerful women, and blow the lids off the legends they were born to become.

All of us have really big days in our lives, when things that we have longed for finally happen. Maybe we meet our legendary love, or we get the raise we have wanted, or we create a new business or a new book that we have been working so hard for. Perhaps we have a longed for new baby, or we have an opportunity that we could not have ever dreamed of come and land in our laps. Many women walk through the doors of the School of Womanly Arts after having desired it for years…

Most of us have been taught to do a good job of working hard towards creating a dream.
But how many of us have been taught how to HAVE a dream come true?
And how we greet the majesty of a dream come true has so much to do with its outcome.
How do you handle that oh-so-delicate moment of getting exactly what you want?
Do you just kinda ignore it and go about your business and wonder why you feel sort of flat and uninspired, even though your dream just came true?
Do you feel incredibly guilty for landing in a pot of gold while so many of your sisters are suffering?
Do you try to hide the goodness, afraid it will be taken away from you?
Do you feel off-balance and unworthy, and maybe even try to crush or diminish your own dream, the moment it arrives?
Do you sadly hang out and wait for a parade that never comes?

There is an art to having a dream come true.
A Womanly Art.
And no one ever teaches us.
So, I want to teach you, right here, right now, so you can be ready when those dreams and desires start hurling themselves into your lap, as you practice the Womanly Arts.
Every single person has something that I like to call your capacity to have goodness.
And when we reach this capacity–we are done.
Overdone, really.
You know this feeling.
It is the way you feel when you are at a Thanksgiving table and you took that one heaping portion too much.
You move away from the table and groan–feeling kinda bloated, queasy and regretful.

Well, guess what? When your dreams come true you can have that same overfull feeling, which can make you feel a bit cranky and sleepy and overstuffed.
It is not at all what you anticipated feeling, as you imagined that dream coming true, now, is it?
You thought you would feel blissed out and joyous, forever.
Instead, you are downright cranky.
When you notice that happening, there are tools to use and steps to take, my darlings.

As this Mastery Program started to fill, earlier and earlier in the season, and my team began to feel an awesome new velocity coming at us–we started to get serious about expanding our capacity to have goodness. Every morning, my team would meet. We would light a pink candle, and say ‘Thank you, Goddess!” as every new member of Mastery rolled in. We would write their names on a piece of paper, to lay at the base of the candle, and make an intention for each of them to receive every drop of their desires, and then some. We would have dance breaks, and celebrate and praise every moment of each other’s brilliance. We created dress up themes, for every day–we had Rock Star day, Marilyn Monroe Day, Lingerie Day, Bad Ass Day, etc. My whole team of 10 was included, and every minute, every hour was another chance for gratitude and celebration.

Can you see a few themes coming forward here?
Let me break it out in a few easy steps.
The next time you are noticing that a dream is dangerously close to coming true, try this recipe:

The Ancient Sister Goddess Capacity Expander to Ensure Your Dreams Come True
1. Celebrate yourself, and others, every single step of the way, as you head towards your dreams.
2. Say, “Thank you, Goddess” as often as possible.
3. Write or communicate your gratitude, every day.
4. Take time and thought necessary to expand your fun.
5. And brag brag brag about your accomplishments…make everyone jealous of how fabulous you are. It is so good to see our sisters not just succeed, but hit it out of the ballpark.

Please comment below if you have ever had this feeling before, and tell me what you have done about it!! And let me know what you think of The Ancient Sister Goddess Capacity Expander to Ensure Your Dreams Come True!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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