Don’t Listen to Me

Who hears voices?
Do you?
Joan of Arc did.
But was she a heroine? Or just some misguided 15th century gangsta girl with a dream?
Howzabout Cassandra? Whom Apollo granted the gift of prophecy? She saw the future, but she was cursed so that no one would ever believe her.
Some of us hire psychics and soothsayers to tell us what our own voices say.
Because we can’t hear them so good on our own.
And what are those voices, anyway? Intuition? The future? Our divinity?
Or plain nonsense?

Then there is you.
And me.
The regular people of the 21st century.
We all have our version of voices, our version of intuition.
But can we believe ourselves when we hear our own voices?
Or not?
How do we benefit from this incredible, uncharted gift?
Is it possible to learn to really, really listen to our intuition—but more than listen, to actually trust it?
Because the raw truth is, the voice we should each trust the most is our own.
If we could only hear it, and connect with it.
Inside of each of us is all the soothsayer we would ever require. We have the ability to intuit exactly what it is we need. We can sense danger, sense adventure, sense goodness, sense opportunity.

And oddly, real intuition does not come from our head.
It is not a thinking thing.
It is a body thing.
In fact, it is not just any body thing—it is a consequence that is specifically a result of the body feminine. That is why it is so easily misunderstood. Especially by the masculine inside us, and outside of us.
If intuition is a specifically feminine attribute, it would make sense that guys don’t exactly understand it, and might feel threatened, and it would make sense that we all start to doubt our own intuitions, as well.
Not to mention that we do not have a lot of good role models to follow.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go the way of Joan or Cassandra.
We also don’t have an understanding of what intuition is, or how to turn up the volume when we need it.
So let’s clarify.

See, the body woman is designed with 8,000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure. 8,000. Yup. That is a huge concentration. Kind of like the control panel. The Mainframe. The Source. And that means that your 8,000 nerve ending-ed epicenter uses her ability to feel, spectacularly, to synthesize and integrate information from diverse sources, including the conscious, the unconscious, the cerebral cortex, the hypothalamus, and the peripheral nervous system. And all of that information, wrapped sealed and delivered—instantly—is what we call feminine intuition.
Can you see where I am going here?
The more you feel…is the more you feel.
The more you can surrender to your own 8,000 nerve endings, the more they will speak to you.
If you actually allow yourself to put your key in your own ignition, and take that baby for a ride, explore all her nooks and all her crannies, and let her unfurl to her full feeling potential, the louder you will hear her raw intuitive truth.
Who knew that pleasure was the secret to sharpening your intuitive skills?
But it sure works that way. The more we feel, the more we…feel.
And intuition is not a thought.
It is a feeling.
A feeling that must be cultivated.
A feeling that must be nurtured.
A feeling that is a key ingredient to a happy, healthy, balanced life.
As you know, feeling pain does not amp up your intuitive dial.
It is when you amp up your pleasure that you can really begin to take advantage of the privilege and power of that raw, strong voice inside you that has so much of your deep truth to offer you.

So, what are you going to do to amp up your pleasure today?
How can you pay tribute to your pleasure? To your Source?
What will you do to put your key in your own ignition?
Give me all your deep intuitive thoughts and feelings and responses about this blog, below.
I learn so much from every single post.
And if you learned something from this post, share it with your friends.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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photo: lizlinder.com

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