The Dry Little Desert Town of Doubtsville


Do you have a desire that’s been tugging at your sleeve, begging for your attention like a persistent toddler who doesn’t get the meaning of the word “No!” Has it been popping into your mind at inconvenient times- like when you should be working? Or when you’re driving down the road? Does it refuse to be brushed off or buy into all your logical reasons of why you can’t have it? Ahhh- that’s the power of a desire- it’s not to be deterred!

C’mon sister- don’t let your desires get stuck in that dry little desert town of Doubtsville! Where Mayor Howyagonnamakeithappen is making all the decision. It’s time to get out of dodge if your desires are going to ever have their time in the sun. So, whether by plane train or automobile, get thee to the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami this November where you and your desires can come out to play!

SG Lori Taylor’s gonna be there! If you want to be inspired, read her story. She used to be the deputy mayor of Doubtsville, but no more- she’s given herself a new post: QUEEN OF HER DESIRES!!!!! It all started with a decision. . .

My Darling Mama,

I am packing my bags and getting ready for Miami!!! I’m so excited to bring you all of my luscious Desires. But if I hadn’t done some Sister Goddess homework ahead of time, I might not be packing at all right now. Can I tell you all about it??
Now I’ve been a Sister Goddess for quite some time. All the way back in 2003 I picked up my first Mama Gena book and it forever changed my life! I agreed that our Desires light us up and bring magic into our lives, that we are all Goddesses connected to the Divine, and mostly, that Life should be fun! And it was! But as fun as things were becoming for me, I never quite let myself completely trust my desires. I always held out on myself a little and wondered, “What if my desires are too big?” or “What will people think of a girl who is devoted to fun and pleasure?” Mostly, I wondered if the Universe would really deliver on my juicy wishes, and, did I really have the guts to go for it?? For a long time I was caught up in the why, how, and what if…

And after thinking those kinds of thoughts for awhile, my hot little Desire Engine was beginning to stall out. I would tiptoe towards greatness, but then retreat. In the past year I almost registered for sistergoddess.com, I thought about taking Mastery, I even considered an exciting, desire-filled life beyond what I was living. But, I couldn’t quite figure out why I had such cold feet. Then it came to me. It was Doubt! Big-time Doubt. I was doubting my intuition, doubting my vision, doubting my greatness. Deep in Doubtsville. That’s no place for a Goddess to be! I sat down one evening and read the following words written by you, Mama: “A truly happy woman lives via her desires, rather than her obligations, or other people’s blueprints for her. She explores the world with gusto, saying an enthusiastic yes to whatever she wants. She is aware of the privilege of being in her presence, aware of the impact of her beauty, aware of the radiance of her sensuality.”
I thought to myself, “Yes! Yes! I am a Goddess! It is a privilege to be in my presence! I should be saying an enthusiastic yes to whatever I want! And, I bet the Universe will back up all my Desires.”

Overnight I decided that nothing in the world was more important than my feeling good. So I re-read my blessed Mama Gena books and put myself in my own little Pleasure Boot Camp. My desires got top-billing! I bought a fun, pink journal, and if something felt like even the slightest wish, I wrote it down. I began to submerge myself in all the things I found pleasurable. I ate only foods that I found scrumptious. Sometimes I had champagne for breakfast, just because I felt like it! I spent time with people I adored, frequented my favorite places, and went shopping for things that I truly loved. And I left money out of the equation – I figured that if the Universe was encouraging my desires, it would certainly foot the bill for them, and that was true! Money came rolling in for everything I wanted. Vacations came to me, beautiful clothes, unexpected gifts. I was on a roll!


In the midst of all of this pleasure, I made sure to use my Sister Goddess tools of Gratitude and Bragging. I started every day thanking the Universe for all the beautiful gifts in my life, and I even offered thanks for the things that I didn’t have yet, but felt certain were on their way to me. I took my Desires out for a walk and bragged to all my friends about how truly amazing my life was becoming, how gorgeous I felt, how much the Universe was spoiling me rotten, and how glorious it was to be a Goddess. I felt so good, that I wanted to take my fabulous, Goddess self to the next level and really go for everything I wanted. I confidently expected good things to come my way.

And then, right on cue, my invitation for Miami showed up in the mail! I knew it was a sign! My Desires were lining up and who better to bring them to, than Mama??? I knew that if I could just get my buns to Mama and Miami, all that I was dreaming of would start rolling in. I decided I would book for the Sister Goddess Reunion and, as if by magic, more money rolled in to cover the cost. It was very unexpected. I was walking around telling myself “Money flows to me so easily! The Universe always supplies money for the things that I want to do!” And then, I received a letter from the Manufacturer of my car. Over a year ago, I had a repair made to my car that cost over $1000. The letter from the Manufacturer said that they were offering reimbursement to owners who had that particular repair made on their vehicle. So, I submitted my invoice and received a check from the Manufacturer for the full amount! I was so surprised to receive money for something that I had paid for well over a year ago, and with such perfect timing! The check arrived just in time for the trip!! Desire ALWAYS PAYS OFF!!! It’s amazing how the Universe delivers all your goodies if you just have faith in what you’re wanting!
I became so excited about this trip and my Desires, that I wrote a poem to Mama, all about it:

Incandescent, inspired Sisters
Ripe with Desire
Heard the call,

“Gather all your juicy dreams!
Pack them up!
Come one! Come all!”

In the name of Female Evolution
Let’s kick off the PLEASURE REVOLUTION!

Let’s join Mama
And all the girls,
Find our Groove
In the Goddess Swirl!


And when we leave Miami Beach
All that we want will be within reach 😉

So, I’ve packed up my juicy desires and they include: Having my poetry published, traveling frequently, having a beautiful vacation home in Palm Beach, being independently wealthy, having a job that pays big bucks for doing what I love, and mostly, I’m so thrilled to know I will be meeting other Sister Goddesses in Miami so we can celebrate and cheer each other on.

Thanks Mama for standing up for Desires! I truly love and appreciate you, and all the ways that you have helped me change my life. Sisterhood makes such a difference!!!! On to Miami!!!!

With so much Love and Gratitude,
Sister Goddess Lori Taylor

Incredible right? Inspiring right?
Perhaps it left you thinking: “Good for Lori- some girls have all the luck!”
Maybe Lori’s story pissed you off. Maybe it even made you want to delete it and remove yourself from my email list. Maybe it made you want to go eat a brownie, or scream at someone- GREAT! Then I know you’re on to one of your true desires!
If this describes you, then I challenge you to post Lori’s story up right next to your desire list for Miami and read it every morning. Because, I’m telling you ALL THIS AND EVEN MORE IS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR DESIRES!
And, that’s exactly why I dedicated the topic of this Reunion to Desires and called it The Desire Intensive. Too many women get stuck in Doubtsville- and then the best parts of themselves don’t get to be lived or shared- and I’m not putting up with that for one more minute!

11 days and counting.

Grab your seat.
Make your reservations.
Stop considering, thinking about, or almost letting yourself have what you want. DECIDE like SG Lori- that nothing is more important than you feeling good. DECIDE to come to Miami with us.
Your desires and life await.
Sister Goddess Lori, hundreds of other SG’s, and I will be there.
Will you??

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


PS- Check out Desire Lesson #4- “Obstacles On the Desire Highway” so you can avoid those nasty bumps and detours on the way to your desires!

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