Coochie? Cupcake? Tutu? “Down There”?


Think about it for a sec.
When you were growing up, what did your ‘bits and pieces’ get called?
Can you remember?

This might seem like a frivolous question at first.
But hang in there with me.

At the beginning of Mastery, our foundational course at the School, I will ask this exact question to the several hundred women in the room. And I get a parade of colloquialisms that would amaze and astonish.

The most amazing and astonishing thing is that these words really have nothing in common with one another, even though theoretically, they are describing the exact same thing.

Here are just a few – but believe me, this list goes on and on:

Snickers, Snatch, Wickie, Cuckoo, Privates, Down There, Pooter, Pee Wee, the Fine China, Name and Address, Venus, Noonie, Miss Kitty, Purse, Pooh Bear, Kootchie, Poon Poon, Flower.
And one of my favorites? Walter Winchell.

Those who were taught a more direct word were often taught to call it a clinical term that is also physiologically incorrect.

Crazy, right?

But then, there is one thing even more crazy.
Over half of the thousands of women that I have asked tell me that hers got called absolutely nothing.  
No name.
Not spoken.

How is that possible that we all conspire to overlook the heartbeat of that which is most essentially feminine about us?
The seat of creative power?
The source of all human life?
And there is no name.

Shocking, right? This is just one symptom of the collective state of woman, which inspired me to write my brand new book.

We can learn just as much about a culture from what it’s missing as from what it embraces. 

One of the greatest pieces of unconscious conditioning we have in our Western culture is that we do not teach our children the name of the source of our feminine power.

Meanwhile, boys are raised differently. They know they have a head, shoulders, knees, toes, and a p*nis.

Girls get taught about the head, shoulders, knees, and toes, but they get nothing consistent to describe what is between their legs. 

Why is this such a big deal? 

When you don’t name something – you make it unspeakable. A linguistic amputation of the female power source.  

As my dad used to read to us on Friday nights, “In the beginning was the Word.” When there is no word, there is no beginning. 

Think about it: how would you talk about an interconnected global computer network providing information and communication facilities via standard technological protocols if you did not have the word ‘Internet’? 

When we have no common language to describe that which is most essentially feminine about us, we have no way to locate and own our power as women. 

And when a girl doesn’t learn to own her power, someone else will.
Girls aren’t encouraged to explore their own bodies, so when they become sexually active, it’s no wonder so many of us behave as receptacles or sex objects for the boys.

When you don’t even have a way to even speak about your own sensuality, you don’t think you have a right to own your own body.

As I look around the world of women, it seems as if our lights are off. We are turned off, like a light switch. The bulb is in there, but it sure isn’t lit up. And it is no wonder. We have never had access to our own power source, because we were never even given its name.

It’s time for every woman to awaken to her true power.
We need to apprehend and reclaim our power seat, our life force. We need to turn our lights back on, access our inherent radiance, our sensual brilliance, our emotional truth.
We need to plug into our inherent feminine power.

If you agree, if you’re curious, if you’re triggered, if you are intrigued, I hope you’ll check out my new book (+ get access to the truly amazing thank you gifts I created for everyone who pre-orders)

Meanwhile, in the comments below – let me know what yours got called?
And how did that impact your life?
Your sex life?

All my love,

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