Emergency Brags from Mama Gena


I am still riding the tailwind of your exquisite outpouring of gratitude from last week’s Thanksgiving Blog. Good Goddess, I’ve got it good. I am so rich and full from this sisterhood we have created, that I simply must brag right now and let you in on all my recent adventures as The Pleasure Queen.

I have THE most incredible brags…

I brag that in the past month, the Pleasure Revolution has been taking the world by storm.

It all started with my first-ever live, international seminar in Copenhagen. Check out this video footage from my travels to Denmark and Iceland…

I am still flushed with gratitude for the privilege of watching the Pleasure Revolution expand internationally.

I brag that two weeks later, we turned South Beach upside-down with the best ever Worldwide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami.  I was struck down by the extreme Sisterhood we have cultivated.  We are a community of women who don’t just have one another’s backs, but fling each other forward, towards our dreams, in the grand roller derby of life.

After Miami, I flew to L.A. to attend Sir Richard and Eve Branson’s Rock the Kasbah event, where I got to see the legendary Mary J. Blige perform, and meet the man himself.  This is my year for meeting more of my heroes and heroines.

From L.A., it was back to NYC where I gave two virtual lectures at The Learning Annex–you can watch them here and here. I brag that later that week, I had the most fantastic Thanksgiving holiday, starting with brunch at Per Se, where I had the complete honor and privilege of meeting every woman’s best friend, Gayle King, who just began her new gig at CBS.  Be sure to tune in and support this sister, as she unfurls a new chapter in her life.   And Maggie was home for Thanksgiving weekend!  We took my Mom to see “Anything Goes” on Broadway.  So much fun, so much joy, so much overflowing thanks.

I brag this week I fly to San Francisco to give my Ted talk, as part of TedxFiDiWomen. One week later, I’m heading back to L.A. to serve on the hosting committee for an Evening of Gratitude at Fred Segal. It’s going to be a Sister Goddess-studded event in honor of SG Janine’s Flawless Foundation, featuring artwork by SG Tara Dixon.   And then, I will be attending a board meeting for NextStep Fitness, the foundation created by Janne Kouri. NextStep is a national nonprofit that brings the latest in fitness, health, and wellness to individuals living with paralysis and other physical disabilities.  It is so deeply satisfying to serve.

From Copenhagen to Miami, East Coast to West Coast, this is cruising at the speed of pleasure.

Your turn.  Whatcha got?  Give me YOUR top bullet brags!  It doesn’t have to be extravagant—even the tiniest drop of goodness in your life is worth celebrating.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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