Every Desire Starts With Despair


This may be a long one, sister, so go make a cup of tea and sit with me and dwell.
Every single desire I have ever had, started with despair.
Despair is from the Latin- de– down from – sperare -to hope
You know that feeling, as do I.
When you are down from hope.
When the thought of something you long for- but can barely bring yourself to admit you want- breaks you apart into a million sharp crystals of grief.
That is the power of desire-from the Latin-de– down from- sider– a star.
So true, that reaching for a desire is very like reaching for a star.
And how does a mere mortal woman have the ovaries to reach for a star?
This thought pours over me this afternoon.
I am filled with a desire- a desire for a partnership with an extraordinary, fun, hot, devoted 5-star man who loves every cell of me, and will name me and claim me, and stand for our love, despite my resistances.
And I know that my longing is running neck and neck with my fear.
In fact, right now, my fear is ahead by a good length.
Which is scarier? The thought of living my life, never tasting the sweetness of my desire?
Or- actually fulfilling it?

I am sweating as I am writing this.
But, I know something else.
About both of us.
There is a way to circumvent this fear.
And stack the odds so my desire wins.
Which, in the scheme of being a woman, is a phenomenon.
It is called sisterhood.
You know as well as I do that even the fact that you are reading this e-mail, makes you a privileged being.
There are sisters in this world, right now, who could not even invent the luxury of this question as the atrocities of their daily life continue to unravel their hope.
Desire Intensive.
That is the topic ofThe World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami, this year.
Because there is a place where the courage of my reaching my desires, lives.
In your eyes.
And a place where the courage of your reaching your desires lives- and that is in mine.
What happens when we gather, as a community, is each of us gets sunk deeper into the hot molten core of desire.
Because it is only within this community that desires spring lavishly to life, like irrepressible wild weeds, taking over the manicured garden of our limitations, because of what we’ve got.
Rampant sisterhood.
And that’s what you’ll get in boatloads, with us, in Miami.
I require you to live your desires.
Every time you do, it makes a pathway for another sister to live hers.
And we have a world of desires to ignite, sisters.
A world of desires to ignite. There are women who do not know we exist who are counting on us to fire up this paradigm in the world, right now. So, I challenge you.

Awaken that desire with me. That one.

The one that makes you sweat.
The one where you can’t tell whether it is the fear of attaining it- or never attaining it- that scares you more.

I want to honor you for standing for other women:

Come to Miami, to stand for me, and my desire, and permit me to stand for you, and yours.
And because I so deeply know the power of this community, converging, I want to ask you to stand for the other women in your life, to come, too.
Yes, your mother. Your hairdresser. The gal in your workout class who you know is down from a star. You get the picture.
And I will be giving one fat hour of Q&A on Sunday from 9:30am-10:30am- above and beyond the course curriculum- to any woman who comes with her girlfriends as my way of honoring you and your acts of sisterhood!

Win lunch with Mama and your gang!

Oh-I’ve created one more delicious morsel in honor of Pleasure Revolutionary Melanie. You see, last year Melanie stood for 17 women to come to Miami. They dubbed themselves Melanie’s Mob- they actually took up a whole row. She not only changed every single one of their lives, but, she planted herself so firmly inside her own desires, that she has nearly overwhelmed herself with the enormity of what she has conjured in the last year. (I will have to tell you that story sometime.)
So, in honor of Mel- and what and whom she stood for- I will take the woman who has stood for the most women coming to Miami- to lunch- with her entire posse on Saturday afternoon after the session- that’s right- lunch on me with your gals, poolside- where you can ask me any of your hot burning Q’s.

Much can happen in 17 days my darlings- miracles really- when we stand for our desires and the women we love.
Let’s create the largest gathering of desires known to womankind in Miami this year:

The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion: Desire Intensive
November 12th -14th, 2010
South Beach, Miami, Florida

The cost of the Reunion is $350*.  If you enroll with a girlfriend(s) you can each attend the reunion for only $299*!
(*Flights, meals and accommodations are not included.)

Check out all the details about The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion by clicking HERE.

It just won’t be the same without you, so ENROLL NOW!!!!


With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


PS- TWEET TWEET: #DesireThursdays on Twitter

I have recently begun to play on Follow mamagena on Twitter.  And you know me- I like to figure out how to use s#!t to serve womankind.
And I’ve got this one figured.

The way I see it, Twitter exists simply to amplify your desires!

So, I’m creating #DesireThursdays! And starting this Thursday, what I want you to do is post a desire that you have, on Twitter. (see instructions below) And not only will your desire sail out into the stratosphere, gathering weight, heft, and reality, as it flies through space, everyone who reads it is breathing life into it… just think of the number of people who will read it!

And I want each of you to get all, that is all of your girlfriends to join you in this desire wildfire. Armchair activism, sisters! Get your sisters to slam, smother, overwhelm, and take over Twitter with the ravishing scent of desire. Just for the pure f*@k of it.

Every desire launched on Twitter before The Desire Intensive will be collected on a huge big assed list, and I will bring them to Miami, for all to see and celebrate, inside the power of this community.

Instructions on how to play with us on #DesireThursdays:

1. Follow me http://twitter.com/mamagena

2. Mention @mamagena in your desire and make sure to include the #DesireThursdays hashtag! For example:

Hi @mamagena I desire to make my living as a singer/songwriter! #DesireThursdays

3. Get all your friends to come play! RT the following:
Join @mamagena for #DesireThursdays and tell the world what you truly desire. http://goo.gl/DltT for more info

4. Bask in the glow of getting everything you want.

Here’s to being on the cutting edge of Pleasure Research! Remember: EVERYTHING is designed for your pleasure!

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