Every Woman’s Greatest Fear


What is more frightening than a haunted house on Halloween?
More scary than ending up at a sample sale in your granny panties?
Finding out you fell asleep on the uptown train when you were supposed to be heading downtown?

Pleasure.  That’s what.

Is there anybody out there too scared to get unbound?

Are any of you too nervous to attend something as crazy as the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami?

Is living “A Life Unbound” too much for you?

If so, do not, under any circumstance, read Sister Goddess Georgette’s account of her very first School of Womanly Arts experience in Miami…

This past April I was in Miami, sitting in a room full of women who were bragging, dancing, and sharing their wildest, most outrageous desires for the upcoming weekend. I wanted to be fully part of the experience, but I felt like an observer. These women were rock stars. They bragged about hotel upgrades, gifts of cash, legendary love affairs. They were free and surfing the pleasure waves, while I was…bound.

I felt trapped by my uncertainty and doubt. I was shrinking back into my chair when Mama Gena spotted me and asked what I desired for the weekend. What was my response? “Seasoned fries.” I was hungry in every sense of the word, but “French fries” was all my adorably bound self could muster. “So you came all the way to Miami for French fries?” Mama asked me. I knew I made the journey from Los Angeles for much more but I didn’t know how to articulate it or how to get there.

Mama Gena encouraged me and said something that changed everything: “The days of not knowing how are over.” She worked with me to pull out some juicy desires and I was off. I conjured limo rides, gifted dinners that cost more than I pay for rent, clubbing, and a hotel upgrade all during that Miami weekend. I even had a cab driver, who dropped me off at a Mama Gena after-party, offer to fly me back to Miami whenever I desired to return. I didn’t take him up on the offer but I was glad to have it.

I got unbound in Miami and took it all back to my life in Los Angeles. I have taken my friendships into outrageous, joyous heights. Just last night to add some fun to my workout my friend Felicia and I snuck into the Rose Bowl to run the stairs. I added pleasure and juice to my acting career and had a director/writer create three pieces just for me. I conjured an amazing boyfriend who since April (my first Miami) has taken me to Santa Barbara, Nebraska, Seattle, Vegas, And Laguna Beach. He’s handsome, smart, funny, and worthy of a Sister Goddess like myself. I brag that I am taking him to this upcoming World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion. So come get unbound and frolic with us on the beach.


Ask a woman what she desires, and very often the first thing she does, like Sister Goddess Georgette, is panic. As if we could get a wrong mark or want something that could not happen, or—worse still—we have not even permitted ourselves to imagine what we truly long for.

Every woman is most afraid of her desires. We’ve been taught to judge, doubt, and ignore what it is we really want. But inside every desire is an adventure, waiting to transform you. Living a life unbound and leaping in the direction of what you want requires immense courage. A kind of courage that is fostered in the Sister Goddess Community. Thus Miami. The perfect playground.

Are you ready to name and claim what it is you really want? Join us at the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion! And remember, every woman who enrolls in the Reunion will get free access to Sistergoddess.com through Nov. 28, so you can start getting unbound on the online forums before you even hit South Beach…

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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