Our Favorite Frames from 2014! (Then, your turn.)

Ok, ok, ok.
Enough already with the resolutions and goals and intentions and desires.
I, personally, have no urge to improve or change, or upgrade myself.
I just want to take a moment and celebrate.
And YOU.
Seriously – this won’t take long and then we can head right back and join all our friends who are busy making resolutions.

At the School, we do this thing called Favorite Frames.
Whenever we get together, either live or on the phone, we take a few minutes at the end to digest the experience of being together. What happened? Who shone brightly? Who contributed? What magic did we make? Where were we touched? Moved? Opened?

Here’s the thing: as I like to say, undigested goodness turns to shit.
Taking the time to savor your own brilliance, your own accomplishment, your own experience of the world you have created — this actually allows you to create even more beautifully and powerfully, and attract even more into your life.
Take a moment to soak in everything you’ve accomplished, discovered, experienced, become, and survived over the past year.

Here are a few favorite frames from us, the gang here at SWA, of 2014:

1. The Experience 2014 – the event was show-stopping, heart-throbbing, jaw-dropping. Women flew from all over the world to NYC, in the heart of winter, and we floated into spring on a cloud of sisterhood. The 2-day event was so much fun and so incredibly powerful, deep, and raw. One of the best feelings on earth is having given your all, with every drop of your womanity fully spent – and my whole team was deliciously wrung out, like we had just won gold for ‘sisterhood’ in the celestial olympics.


2. Spontaneous makeshift Hora (or was it a Bat Mitzvah? Or a wedding?) at the first weekend of Mastery. I know, it sounds weird. You had to be there. It was magical. Our ancestors danced with us. You can feel them in this photo…


3. Paris in May, with my Creation Course students. My favorite moment was nearly capsizing our rowboat and laughing ’til I peed a little, as all of us rowed wildly to shore (or not) in the Grand Canal at Versailles during an unexpected downpour. Watching a rowboat full of women holding up umbrellas while rowing was just so Madame Du Barry….


4. Staff boat trip in July. We work hard and we party hard. And we enjoy the heck out of each other. Special thanks to our hosts, Ruth Barron and Jeff Ommundsen, for being the most incredible support to the SWA, inside and outside the classroom.

5. This past summer, I had the joy of writing my brand new book proposal, riding my horse, going to the beach, and taking the summer off – wow, it was good to take time to rest and restore and create.


6. The Immersion in Miami was a dream come true in so many ways. It was our biggest, best Miami, ever, and I got to ride in on a white charger with blue eyes! Who says that fairy tales don’t come true?


7. My team at the SWA is my favorite frame of all. I feel so blessed-overjoyed-grateful-inspired to have such an incredible staff. Celebrating with many of them at our holiday party was one of the most fun, moving, and joyful nights of the year. Everything we do comes from the huge love and commitment we share with one another.


Now, in the comments below – I wanna hear – what are your fave frames of yourself from the year? What magic did you make? How did you triumph? What obstacles did you overcome? How hot were you? Pick at least 3 favorite frames of yourself and post them in the comments below. Remember, the more you digest, the more you open yourself to the goodness that wants to come your way!

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