Feel it all with me on Friday

Today I feel lost.

My heart is flooded with a sea of grief so wide I am swallowed.
An ocean of relentless despair pounds my body and my soul.

So many lives – beautiful, sweet, tender, holy human lives – have been lost in the past two weeks, and so many more to come.


My prayer?

God/Goddess, may I expand into a woman who can hold all of this unfathomable pain, and not lose hope and not lose faith in the humanity of…humanity.

The capacity of a woman to feel is infinite. And this can be overwhelming when we are alone.

But, in sisterhood, in community, the depth and breadth of emotion becomes an asset, not a liability.

When we are most lost, on the verge of hopelessness, it is time for women to gather together to grieve, wail, rage, and feel every drop of their righteous emotions.

To transform the outrage…into outrageousness.

And to find a new pathway of loving the world back to itself, together.

In response to recent terror attacks and the resulting violence erupting across Israel and Palestine, I will be hosting a new installment in the Sisterhood Series this Friday, October 20th.


Reserve your free seat right here.

This free connection call is an opportunity for collective activism and collective healing on a grand scale. It is a soft and sacred place to land when you are feeling overwhelmed by all that is raging in our world.

Acts of war and terrorism take a universal toll. Maybe you’ve lost loved ones, or know others who have. Maybe your safety is directly threatened, or you are mourning from afar. Maybe you feel helpless and powerless and immobilized by fear.

Join me for the Sisterhood Series this Friday from 10 am – 11 am EST to process the impact of these sweeping injustices. To find hope amidst the heartbreak. To claim your darkness and your light.


Registration is open now – grab your free seat here.

What we feel, we can heal.

So let’s feel it all. Every drop. In sisterhood.

With so much love,

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