Flab, Cellulite, and Dangling Arm Fat

Oh, Sisters. Why, why, why would you ever open this post with such a horrifying subject line? Flab. Cellulite. Dangling arm fat. I mean, which of us has not accused ourselves of having all of the above at one time or another? I mean, just last weekend, I went riding with my goddaughter and at lunch, all she wanted to do was play with my dangling arm fat. My daughter likes to do that, too, and has done it from the time she was a babe in my arms.

What is up with that? Feels good, I guess. All sorta soft and squooshie.

And we, as women, have spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars on fixing all these so-called problems. We go to endless workout classes, try Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, no wheat no dairy, or put ourselves in ketosis with all bacon, steak, and no vegetables, or fast on green juices, or one of my favorite heartburn-inducing beverages: lemon juice and cayenne. But at the end of the day, where are we?

As far as I can tell, flab, cellulite, and dangling arm fat can still be detected. Even if only microscopically.
As you know by now, I have worked with thousands upon thousands of women.
And I have found one thing to be irrefutably true.
I have witnessed it over a lifetime.
And there has never been a single deviation from this eternal verity.
Every woman on earth looks absolutely stunningly beautiful when she is naked.
That’s right.
You heard me.
And I have seen more women naked than a fleet of gynecologists.
Every horse if beautiful.
Every rock is beautiful.
Every tree is beautiful.
And every woman is a work of art.
When she thinks so.
Aye, and there’s the rub, oh sister mine.
She has to think so. Or she’s not.

A woman choosing beauty is the most incredible piece of practical magic I have ever witnessed. There is nothing more powerful or more moving than the sight of a woman granting herself her own beauty.
It is as if teams of angels assemble and sing madrigals in sheer gratitude that she has finally come to her senses. No kidding. It is that archetypal.
The interesting thing is that granting oneself one’s beauty is kind of like being your own fairy godmother and boinking yourself on your own head with your wand.
It works perfectly, but it expires at midnight and you have to cast the spell again when you wake up the next day.
Beauty is non-denominational. Old, young, fat, thin, we all have the same quotient of beauty within our grasp at any given moment. We all have it, or we all don’t, depending on our internal practice.

Now, don’t get crabby with me. You know this to be true. Some days you just wake up and you are stunning. We call this “having a good hair day.” Some call this the morning after a fabulous toss in the hay. (Getting tossed in the hay is a gorgeous visual, but actually very itchy. Don’t ask me how I know.)
And I do want to mention something else.
Men are not nearly as fussy about women’s bodies as women are.
Men were simply built to love women.
If she has 8,000 nerve endings, they love her.
If she smiles at him, knowing she is the queen beauty of all time, in her own mind, it is as if he was hypnotized, eternally captivated by her spell.
For more reinforcement of this point, Google the Courtesan, Ninon de Lenclos, who was courted and longed for well past her 70th birthday. Or talk to my very own mother who recently got engaged.

I can still feel your doubt and hesitation, my treasure. Therefore, I am going to have to prove this to you with a bit of homework. But, just like Beauty herself, you are going to have to get up off your proverbial arse and actually take these steps, which all appear in my book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. And after you complete these steps, don’t forget to do it again tomorrow.
See, right now, I am slim, strong, taut, and gorgeous. But, if I forget these practices, then I, too, will succumb to a bad case of flab, cellulite, and dangling arm fat.
Shhh…….listen……can you hear the madrigal?

Exercise One: How to Talk to Yourself

At least three times a day, every day, say out loud to yourself, “I am beautiful.” You can say this life-changing little phrase as you walk down the street, as you pass a mirror, at your desk. You can quietly think “I am beautiful” as many times a day as you wish, but you must say it out loud no less than three times. For extra credit, do it in front of a mirror and give yourself a little wink as you do. This exercise totally changes your body chemistry from self-negation to self-adoration in one second flat. If you do it before an important meeting or dinner with your boyfriend, you are a genius! You don’t need to worry about changing the unconscious messages you send yourself every day; they’ll start changing on their own once you convince yourself of your gorgeousness. Just add on this little ditty and you will be giving yourself a three-second beauty treatment every time you do.

Exercise Two: Sister Goddess Activism

Tell three different women, three times today, that they are beautiful. See how that makes you feel.

What are you doing on a daily basis to make yourself feel beautiful? Tell me in the comments below. And if you want to enhance another woman’s beauty, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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