Can you flirt your way out of a paper bag?


It’s a funny thing about women.
Funny, wonderful, and frankly, perpetually irritating.
As successful as we are, as strong as we stand, as helpful and nurturing as we can be, we just don’t feel right unless we are really living in to the essential hot, molten core fire of being a woman.
If we ain’t flirting*, we ain’t living.
We limp along, glumly, victimized by every hap and mishap.
Pissed, hurt, disappointed, thinking “Is that all there is—really?’
Even if we go the distance and power through a sink full of dishes, run a fierce board meeting, or sit on the phone with a needy friend for an hour, we don’t feel proud and radiant like an Olympian who’s won the race.  Rather, we feel fried, toasted, and wasted, ready to reach for the glass of wine and the jumbo sized Kit Kat bar.  Not flush with renewed life and a sense of deep accomplishment.

When we don’t stand in our radiance, we feel like a cell phone that has run out of batteries—the casing is there, but nothing inside is working.
We can push every key, and throw the little device smack up against a wall—but if there is no juice, there is no juice, and that is the end of the story.
A woman is no different.
Unless she is a woman who knows her way around the Womanly Arts. These are a secret set of lost arts, finessed by the greatest women in history…

It is inspiring.
There are women in the world who know how to get the man they long for.
The job they deserve that pays more than they imagined.
How to create real intimacy with their girlfriends.
How to be a sexy mom.
And how to shed the Kit Kat weight and fuel themselves with some real down-home nutrients that matter to a woman. (I’ll introduce you to a handful of these women in my next video).

If you want to master each and every one of the Womanly Arts and become a sharpshooter at targeting whatever it is that you long for, check out Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

In the comments below, tell me one specific way you plan to practice the Art of Flirtation today. And, if you want to add a swing in another woman’s step, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

*The Womanly Art of Flirtation is the natural resting state for woman.  Flirtation is a way that a woman makes her way in the world, with her passion fully engaged, her lights on, and her juices flowing.  Flirtation is all about enjoying yourself, for no apparent reason, other than it is fun to be a woman and fun to have the power and the ability to turn on.  Flirtation is nothing more and nothing less than enjoying yourself in the presence of another person or persons.  Women were born to flirt.  Flirtation is in our DNA.

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