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Sometimes, all it takes to shift your chemistry is a single, spoon-fed dose of your own radiance. Ready to dive in? Here are a few (totally free) ways to get your hands on Mama Gena’s most powerful tools right now…

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Mama Gena’s 5-day Receiving Challenge

Women generally suck at receiving – compliments, praise, all the beautiful things in life they so deserve. Sign up for Mama Gena’s 5-Day Receiving Challenge and learn five of her favorite tools for shifting your reality by learning how to ask for – and gracefully receive – exactly what you want.

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Self-Pleasure Sovereignty Series

When was the last time you chose to explore yourself sensually? Mama Gena swears by the power of a self-pleasure practice. Get six guided stroking meditations to help you drop in and experience turn-on, no matter where you’re at on the sensual spectrum. 

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Ultimate Guide to Getting What you Want

What if the secret to getting what you want…is to feel really fucking good first? Learn one of Mama Gena’s most effective tools for tapping back into your desires, and creating the life of your dreams.

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Inner Queen Quiz

Truth: Every woman is a queen on the inside. It’s time to claim your crown and your power. Find your unique flavor of the feminine with Mama Gena’s Inner Queen Quiz.

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Body-Love Challenge

Your body is an altar. It’s time to treat it like one. In this Challenge, Mama Gena shares 5 tools over 5 days that will improve and enrich your relationship to self.

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Self-Love Challenge

This challenge is an excellent starting point for anyone who has ever felt less than or not enough (which is all of us, right?!). Learn how to feel, approve of, and embody your emotions in this foundational 5-day series.