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With 2011 nearing its end, have you begun setting the intention for a 2012 full of feminine power, purpose, light, love, health, wealth and sensuality?



My Danish Sister Goddess Kirsten has been a passionate researcher on the Divine Feminine for the past decade, and she has transformed hundreds of women’s lives at her Global Goddess School by teaching them how to reconnect with their feminine essence and live their unique purpose.

You might remember that I spoke at her event recently in Denmark, where I had an amazing time. She’s the real deal, and right now she’s offering a wonderful opportunity that I strongly encourage you to be a part of.

In celebration of 2012, Kirsten is giving away for free a comprehensive preview of her 12-month certification program, Global Goddess Leadership, in which women learn to step into feminine leadership and realize their visions in all areas of life, with pleasure.

Get free access to her 12-episode Feminine Leadership Jumpstart Kit, 10-episode Webinar Series, and a free Online Workshop on Global Goddess Leadership here:


Yes, it’s a lot of great content, and Kirsten is giving it all away at no cost in celebration of the dawn of 2012, the year of the Divine Feminine and what can very well be the year of your rebirth!

Kirsten reminds us that “according to ancient prophecies, 2012 marks the beginning of a new era for humanity, where the explicit re-admittance of the Divine Feminine to a full participation in all humanity’s activities and realities will be a critical element in the softening of all aspects of Earthly life.”

By learning and applying her tips, Kirsten will help you:
– Fulfill your heart’s desires with deep ease by working smarter, not harder
– Replace stress with creativity, fun and freedom
– Become a loving, radiant, magnetic role model, who lifts the world just by being you

Here’s to inspiration in the New Year!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. Don’t forget to get on Kirsten’s special list and experience a direct one-on-one call session with her to learn more about feminine leadership. Get your free educational material, and have your chance to connect with Kirsten here:


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