Giving Back to Our Sisters Worldwide

One of the first things that happens for a woman when she engages in sisterhood is a sense of connection with women, everywhere. Do you feel it?

I am so grateful, daily, for the support and love we generate for one another inside this community. And today, in the midst of this holiday season, I want to expand our lens outward, to our many sisters who need support worldwide.


I was recently approached by a sister who runs an organization called Transformation Textiles. I’m impressed and touched by her mission – any time there is a chance to turn shame into power, I am in. Here’s the story…

In 2010, Rachel Starkey came across bags filled with ‘off-cuts’ waste outside a textiles factory. Inspired to reuse this waste for a new purpose, she was able to turn it into over 3,500 blankets for refugees.

She didn’t stop there. Next, she set out to repurpose this waste to address the growing school dropout rate amongst young African girls.

No girl should have to stay home from school and sacrifice her education because she does not have the resources to manage her monthly cycle. Sadly, that’s the reality for girls in Sub-Saharan Africa each month.

Every year, these girls can miss up to 6 weeks of school because they do not have the basic supplies they need. Only 1 in 3 will go on to graduate, and this lack of education leaves them vulnerable.

Transformation Textiles utilizes scraps of fabric from their textiles factory to create reusable “Dignity Kits,” with all the supplies needed for girls and women to remain in school or work.

“Some people only see leftover scraps of fabric… I see a whole generation of girls that get to stay in school. I see a mass of women providing for their families by selling in a peer-to-peer network in developing countries.” Rachel Starkey, Founder

It makes this holiday season oh so much deeper and richer to take a moment and invest in your desires and goals for the world at large, and specifically, our sisters in need, internationally. One small gesture can make a huge impact.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting this initiative – you can learn more, get involved, and donate here.

In the comments section below I’d love to hear your favorite ways of contributing this holiday season. Shout out the ways that you give, and desire to give back — to your families, friends, co-workers, charitable organizations, or the ways you give anonymously (we won’t tell anyone . . . : )


P.S. ‘Tis the season to give give give . . . here are a handful of other women’s organizations that I love and support, that may strike a deep chord for you.

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