The Generosity of Life Itself

For many of us this is the defining moment of our lifetime.
How will we choose to show up and respond?
Our relationship to everything is changing.
The world as we knew it, is crumbling.

More than ever, we need to know that we can trust our deepest intuition to guide us. Now is the time to activate our own, internal GPS* (Great Pussy in the Sky).

Right now, no one is coming to save us.
It’s a time for a woman to go deep inside of herself and reconnect to her innate power and brilliance. Time to plug into her source. Time to lean in and trust the very aspect of herself that she was taught to fear the most.

Something so remarkable happens when a woman begins to turn back on and tune back in. When she connects to her pussy, she becomes an unstoppable force. Not through violence or domination, but through the continual connection to an ever-expanding sense of meaning and purpose. Meaning and purpose brought to her when she follows the true design of her life, charted by her most deeply held desires.

Kind of like the way you just trust a tree to grow.

Once planted in her very own pussy, a woman begins to grow. She learns she can deeply trust herself. She pays attention to her desires and treats them as her roadmap.

Indecision vaporizes.

She can truly feel her deep yes and her deep no.

She relaxes into the unknown, rather than forcing or muscling her way through life.

She knows she can handle obstacles, and understands that each one forces her to expand in new ways.

She connects with her deep indigenous beauty, no matter her age or outer appearance.

She experiences the divine in everything, especially herself.

She connects to her own internal GPS.

The very life force she was warned against becomes her most intimate guide and companion – the most count-on-able, trustworthy aspect of her life.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe. But maybe not…

Head over to my IGTV and Facebook today and I’ll tell you a story about how tuning into the GPS manifested big time in my life.

Inviting the GPS into your life is choosing to play a big game. It is making the choice to put aside your ego and let the divine run the show. It is about desire, turn-on, sisterhood, and surrender.

Your pussy has the power to attract, to draw in, whatever you want and need and long for. She is not limited by physical laws. She can shift, bend and move in ways that defy limitation. She can stop, block, persuade, evoke, influence.

Sometimes we are in situations that we cannot find our way out of, or we cannot see a path forward. That is a sign that something bigger is unfolding in your life. And the GPS wants to support you with the power of pussy – the power of life itself.
We are all part of the fabric of the universe, woven together with the power of our individual desire.

Trusting your pussy requires humility and faith. And it is through that paradigm shift – choosing to focus on our desire despite the exterior circumstances – that we relax into the generosity of life, itself.

We learn to trust the GPS. We are curious, rather than suspicious that life is out to get us or fuck us up. We can sink deeply in the space of our desire by connecting to our pussies, our bodies, our sisters. We learn to relax into our turn-on, our life force, our inner guidance, knowing that the GPS always has our back. It is an adventure like no other.
And the time is now.

With so much love and pleasure,

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

P.S. Are you intrigued by the GPS? Good, because we have a brand new offering coming your way very soon…stay tuned for more info on June 1st!

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