What if your greatest fear was your greatest talent?


I am so deeply impatient with mediocrity.
Irritated off the wall with settling, with compromise, with shrinking.
I cannot even stand on a line without questioning it or inventing an alternative.
Yesterday I was on a line at Briermere Farms, trying to pick up a going-away pie to bring to my friend Amanda.

And the power of my intention—not to be on a pie line (for f*#ks sake)—was so powerful that I conjured a worker guy approaching me and the last 10 of us on the long snaking pie line, who said if anyone knew what kind of pie they wanted, he would go get it for them. “Strawberry Rhubarb!” I shouted, like a contestant in the final round on Jeopardy. He ran around the back of the store, and came back 20 seconds later, with my pie, and I was free. Free to enjoy the sunshine.  Free to jump back in the car with my kid and drive to the barbecue in Oyster Bay.

I am that girl.
I get all the breaks, the grand escape, the golden ring, the secret passage to freedom, the miraculous.
Not only yesterday, but every day.|
How? Why?
Because I am one of thousands and thousands of women who practice something called the Womanly Arts.
Here is the Full-On Ovaries Truth:

You can actually become magnificent at living.
At living.
Yes, you.

Women have been waiting waaaay too long on pie lines and such like. Women have tolerated waay too many mundane wastes of their precious time here on earth. |
And the day of the wasted woman is over.
It has been declared.
That is why I created Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

I created it for women, all over the world, who are as intolerant as I am of mediocrity.
Who are willing to take the risk to find out if it is really true that their greatest fear is their greatest talent.

These women are MY people.|
They are the awakened, and the irritated.
Awakened because they know know know at a deep core level, that there is more to life than standing on pie lines and such like.
And irritated because they have not yet got their hands on the new playbook.

Are you one of these women? Do you desire Magnificent Living, but find yourself being skeptical of the stories you hear from me and others like me?

Do you question how someone’s life can shift so dramatically, so quickly??

Listen as this week’s panelists give you the inside scoop into their personal trials, tribulations, and the work and practices they’ve put in to get their results. This week we have Sade, Mirna, and Elan. And after you watch the video, check out their answers to your questions about the upcoming Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.


OK Ladies, let’s talk about Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp (VPBC)

(Answers by Mirna, Elan, and Sade)

On deciding to take the course:

I instantly knew this course was going to change my life.  I just knew it.  This put me in a state of flux.  Leading up to the course I was anxious not knowing what to expect.  It was as if I knew the ‘old me’ would fall away and a ‘new me’ would emerge.  I felt fear over facing old beliefs.  I had the strongest feeling that this course was different than anything I had seen or experienced to date.  As a Life Design Coach and Stylist I have seen and experienced a lot.  Something was different with the School of Womanly Arts, with Regena and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  That had me excited and nervous all at the same time and this feeling only confirmed to me that I was onto something HUGE!  Little did I know…

On course design:

Definitely the structure of the course gave me the flexibility to be the woman I am, meaning I could bite off as much or as little as I liked.  Additionally, it set me up for the growth I was about to go through.  The timing of calls suited my international time difference and so I was on most calls every week.  They were so much fun, I couldn’t get enough of practicing the Womanly Arts.  There were so many genius, beautiful and talented women from around the world that helped keep me connected and in community.  While I had experienced women communities before, the understanding that we are all Sisters and Goddesses elevated each of us to new heights from the start.  Relating to each other as SisterGoddesses created sacred space like never before.  It was simply divinely driven, pleasurable ‘work’.

On the biggest immediate take-away:

That it is an HONOR and a PRIVILEDGE to be WOMAN.  That every woman wants to be CELEBRATED.  That if you celebrate women they shine and each woman shining takes all the women around her higher and higher.  That when you see a woman in her element you recognise yourself in her and that points you clearly towards you desires.  She lights the way for herself as well as for you.  The School of Womanly Arts is the Ivy League Education in being WOMAN.  Thank Goddess for that.

On the overall experience:

Regena has created a masterpiece, a way for women to relate to themselves and each other as SisterGoddesses.  VPBC shows you the ‘how’ that so many courses only speak about.  I feel like I found treasure being part of the School.  The ancient language of sisterhood has finally been restored and it is priceless.  You know when you are speaking with a SisterGoddess, it is like being home.  I have always been grateful for all the blessings in my life and now I know how to digest all that good and how to attract even more into my life beyond my wildest dreams.

On-going benefit:

Work the Boards!  – I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve run to the Boards to find a safe space to unload my swamp, celebrate my successes or state my gratitudes or desires.  Every single time that I do, it completely changes the chemistry of my day!  Anytime I start to lose sight of my pleasure, I jump on the Boards and everything shifts!

Community Baby! – Life is full of delicious challenges and there is no community that I’d rather experience them with than this one.  Witnessing the remarkable things that happen to women who engage with the SWA tools is nothing short of miraculous!  I have had my understanding of what is possible in life completely redefined.  I am constantly inspired by this community to reach higher and live bigger!

Now I know you have questions. It’s only natural. So ask away, because Sade, Mirna, and Elan are going to be checking in to help you take your first step to Goddess-hood.

I can hardly wait to start Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp with you!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. We only have a few Early Bird seats left in Boot Camp. This 20% discount won’t last long. Call 212.787.2411, ext 1, to get yours now.

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