How Hot Moms Prep for Miami


I’m SG Ayiesha at The Palace and I have four delicious, delightful, darling sons and a yummy husband!!!! (That’s them in the picture- I told you they’re delicious!)

I HATE leaving my sons, but I SOOOOOO LOOOOOOVE my girlfriend time with all my sweet sisters in Miami!!!!!! To make things so much easier for me, and infinitely more fun for my honeys while I party in the sun with my sweeties, I came up with some groovy activities to keep my guy gang happy and busy (and they’re fun for girly-girls, too!!). So- this one’s for the Moms out there! Read on and tell me what you think. I’ll see YOU in South Beach!!!!

Ayiesha’s Top 20 Things Your Kids Can Do While You Party with Your Sisters in South Beach:

  1. Movie Night
  2. Game Night — Magic, Charades, Guitar Hero/Rockband, Othello, Monopoly, Twister, Uno
  3. Outdoor Games — Man Hunt, Water Balloon Battles, Super Soaker Wars, Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, Tag, Baseball, Basketball, Croquet, Badminton, Frisbee
  4. Video Gaming Party
  5. Casino Night — Poker, Blackjack, Slots, 21 (for the older ones, of course!)
  6. Hiking, Biking, Roller-Blading, Scootering
  7. Apple Picking, Picnicking, Day at the Park
  8. Field Trips — Museums, Farms, Planetariums
  9. Scavenger Hunt
  10. Go-Kart Racing
  11. Paintballing (ok- maybe not so girly-girl- you saw I have 4 boys- right?!)
  12. Learning SCUBA (Not your average activity- but sounds fun- right?!)
  13. Horse-back Riding
  14. Building a Fort out of Furniture
  15. Contests — Racing, Drawing, Eating
  16. Weekend Away with Dad
  17. Trying New Restaurants with Dad
  18. Making Sushi
  19. Sporting Events
  20. Astronomy

Truth be told, your kids are going to be just fine without you; in fact, they’ll have a blast!! Don’t worry about them; instead, let’s get jazzed about all us hard working mamas taking three days to celebrate ourselves and remembering that we are, first and foremost, WOMEN!! And let me tell you, there’s nothing on the planet better than hanging in Miami with Mama Gena and all our Sister Goddesses!! Join US!
See you on the beach, girls!!

Smooches Galore!!
SG Ayiesha

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