How Come I Never Get What I Want?


Have you noticed this phenomenon?
Sometimes you just think about a girlfriend, and boom, she calls you at that precise moment.
Sometimes you are so “in the flow” that the subway appears and just waits for you to sashay down the stairs.
Or all the traffic lights synchronize perfectly on your way to work that even though you left home late, you arrive at your office early.
And other days, not.
Simply not. Nada. Nothing.
You arrive expectantly at the subway platform and wait 30 minutes for your train.
Not only do you not hit even one green light on your drive to work, but there is traffic and construction, so even though you left on time, you are later than you have ever been.
This phenomenon goes deeper, still.

Certain women seem to be just better than others at putting themselves in the right place at the right time.
These women just seem to get exactly what they want. Consistently.
It is just so irritating.
They seem to rise somewhat effortlessly in their careers.
They always have a guy.
And somewhere fun to go.
What is that???
What is up with that?
And how can I get more of that?

Is there an actual method to becoming the perfect conduit for goodness to land smack on your lap?
Oh, yeah, sisters.
And it has to do with one of the most overlooked ingredients in a woman’s life.
Her pleasure.
It is all about creating pleasure, living in pleasure, and expecting pleasure.
And wherefore?
Most of us were taught to do everything but.
We were taught to suffer.
Work our bones to the bones.
But pleasure?
No way.
No no.

And get ready for this: pleasure is actually a spiritual practice.
Crazy, huh?
But, oh so true.
Experiencing pleasure creates the perfect, loving, gracious, generous, gratitudinous relationship between you and your higher power, which pops you straight into that somewhat elusive neighborhood called “the flow.”
That sometimes you are in, and sometimes you seem to be excluded from.
Let me give you a little example of how this works.
Last Thursday, I had 8 straight hours of interviews to accomplish. One interview every 30 minutes.
Just the thought of this made me cranky.
What did I do?
I dressed in hot lingerie. Black satin teddy, red satin tap pants with black lace trim.
I had my favorite snacks lined up.
I put purple hyacinths on my desk, because I love the fragrance.
And a great new music mix, ready to play.
Between calls, I took a twirl on my pole.
And I ended up having the most pleasurable day, loved the interviews, and I had the best evening afterwards with my guy!!

And guess what?
When you are not in the flow, the last place you are going to want to go is in the direction of pleasure.
(But I will hit you up with some more tips on how to overcome that hurdle, another time.)
In the meantime–right here, right now–let’s do an experiment.
How about doing one tiny trio of things, today, that bring you pleasure. Followed by writing down one desire that you have.
And let’s have you do your own research on the correlation between choosing pleasure and “the flow.”
This is what I am going to do: after I finish writing this blog, I am heading for a facial. A mid-winter treat.
And I am going to buy my favorite green juice, on my way there. And buy one for my esthetician.
I know this will make me feel good.
And I want you to join me in a tiny pleasure trio, today.

Report to me, here on the blog, exactly what you choose to do for your tiny trio of pleasure.
And let me know how it impacts your sense of your own flow.
Tell me what happens–
And how it feels–
And see if it tosses you any closer to the sense of being that woman who is in exactly the right place at the right time.
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With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

Photo:  lizlinder.com

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