How to build the muscle of your magnificence in 2022

You did it,. 

You rounded the corner on 2021. It was a year, wasn’t it? 

And I must say – despite the deep wide challenges, despite being in a major life transition  (again!) – it was hands down, my favorite year of all the years I have been privileged to live.

I feel winded and proud. 

There were so many ways in which I held hands with the goddess, even when the zephyr kicked up big time, and threatened to pull me off course.  

I know the same is true for you.

You stood for you in a thousand new ways, and it is time to acknowledge and celebrate that fact.


Why? Because what we celebrate and notice expands. 

And we want to continue to build the muscle of our magnificence all the way into 2022.

This time of year is usually devoted to making resolutions.

But right now, for me, my only desire is to look back on 2021, run my hands through its tangles, cherish each strand – each sacred moment – and commemorate the way I chose and rose to meet that moment.

I do not think we celebrate ourselves nearly enough, as women.


We are so likely to praise the accomplishments of our children, our loved ones, our colleagues.

But as I think back on these past 12 months, I am personally floored by what I’ve accomplished. 

I am in awe of my choice to rise up, time and time again, to stand for my truth, and serve the planet (in my small but meaningful way). 

Hell, I ended my relationship, lived my integrity, fell in love, deepened friendships, created new ones, connected deeply and devotionally with my family, recognized my weaknesses, fell on my ass, got up again, made huge mistakes, apologized, apologized again, created pleasure for myself and others, stayed grounded through transitions, laughed at myself, rebounded, honored my whore, served my queen, and lunged for love with every fiber of my being…

I mean, I fucking sucked every drop of juice from the gift of this year. And I know, like my own soul, that you did the same.


Women who find me here – who read my blogs, who love my books, who are attracted to pleasure, who (want to) own their pussies – those are the women I want to know, celebrate, honor, and co-create with. 

Women exactly like you, [First name].

So here is your New Years’ assignment: 

Answer the questions below. 

Let them spark new insights. 

Let them inspire new levels of recognition about how radiant and magnificent you truly are.

Then, post your answers on Facebook or Instagram, so we can celebrate together. 

Or just email me so I can honor the woman that you have been, the woman that you are, and the woman you are becoming.

If you answer all these questions publicly, it will inspire other women to do the same. 

It is such an act of generosity to spread self-love from woman to woman, by choosing to honor the women we are.

The multitudinous & wondrous ways in which you stood for YOU in 2021:

  • This is how I dared:  
  • This is how I stood courageously for an impossible dream:
  • This is how I reached for pleasure, more often than I ever have:
  • This is how I stood for myself:
  • This is how I chose beauty:  
  • This is how I cleaned up a wild mess I made:  
  • This is how I chose to flirt instead of fold:
  • This is how I took a radical step toward pleasure:

Wishing you a dose of your own magnificence today. 

I see you, I adore you, I honor you.


With so much love and pleasure,


Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.


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