How to feed your holy

The times we are living in are absolutely unprecedented.

I don’t have to tell you. The proof is all around us.

Racial injustice, capitalist greed, warring nations, declining leadership, senseless death. The list of tragedies goes on.

Again and again, we ask ourselves the same questions:

Who am I?
What am I doing?
Where is my community?

It’s so easy to slide into the space of taking all of this unrest, personally.
And to slip down the slope of self criticism and self doubt.

So, I want to remind you, precious, radiant being: None of this is your fault. You are not alone.

We are in this upheaval, together.


You are a miracle. A treasure. A brilliant, creative vessel of love.

And your job right now, is not to join forces with the beguiling voices of darkness that want to intoxicate us with sweeping despair.

Your job right now is to find and sustain pleasure.


And yes, I know, I know, you don’t feel like it. You just can’t. There are endless things to do, and more important ways to be of service.

I hear you. I feel you. I am with you.

But, woman, you are source. You are the creator of light, of life, of radiance. Your turn-on matters. Your pleasure is necessary.

I have done this experiment endlessly. And when I ignore my inner holy…suffering ensues.

I do not have the patience to meet hardship with love.
I do not have the endurance to find hope amidst despair.
I do not have the energy or empathy to stand for others.

Instead, I am lost and numb and empty as f*%ck.
I am spinning out. I am shutting down.

So, what feeds the holy in a woman? Pleasure, in all its forms. Regular orgasm. A deep, rich self-touch practice.


Just as an altar in a sanctuary requires upkeep and maintenance to feel sacred, so too, does the body of a woman.

Tending to our sensuality is not frivolous or indulgent or irresponsible.

In fact, it is our sacred responsibility to feel as magnificent as possible so we can reflect that radiance back on the world.

Ready to feed the holy within you?

Then start HERE with my Self-Pleasure Sovereignty Series – a simple, 6-step tutorial that will bring you back to center, so you can show up in all the ways that count, right now.


See, we have not been raised to believe that we are the source of our own wisdom, the determiners of our own emotional state. But in truth, that’s exactly who we are.

And all it takes to know this is to plug back into pleasure.

To return to the place where our chemistry changes, our fire ignites, and our victimhood gives way to greater and greater strength.

The Self-Pleasure Sovereignty Series is how I tend my altar. It is my medicine. My oxygen. My everything. And it all begins right HERE.


You, me, we, are living breathing prayers.

Just look around – we all know – this is no time for any of us to quit praying.

So tell me, my love, will you feed the holy in you today?
Will you kneel at your altar and pray?

With so much love and pleasure,

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