How to glow in the dark

This time of year is so dense with feeling.

If you love the deep, dark, rich range of human emotions – like I do – you are feasting right now.

If the deep, dark, rich range of human emotions terrifies you – like they do me – you may feel somewhat tentative, somewhat overwhelmed, somewhat apprehensive about how to manage yourself and your heart as we circle into shorter and shorter days, and longer and longer nights, in this hemisphere.

Let me jump inside the darkness with you.


I want to hold you as we look around together.

One of the most important and life changing lessons that I’ve learned, as I study the arc and art of orgasm, is how I was built for this.

What do you mean, ‘built for this’, Mama?

I mean that this holy human body of mine, when I truly trust her, can navigate the full range of my woman with the skill of a cat dropping from a window ledge two stories from the ground, landing lightly and moving on to catch her next mouse.

It is not in my nature to fear loss. To fear darkness. To fear the vast unknown.

It is not in my nature to be desperately seeking someone or something outside of myself to bring me back to center.

My nature is to ride transitions with deep inner trust. And so is yours.


But with the seasons shifting, and the world in chaos, and the patriarchy forever at our throats, it’s so easy to forget our own fortitude. To douse our own fire. To live in victimhood, rather than resilience.

So, what do I do when the sun sets at 4 pm and I find myself overwhelmed by strong emotions? Or I read another headline that floods my soul with fear?
How do I resist the impulse to shut down, numb-out, or self-attack?

I reach for pleasure. The pleasure that is available – right here, right now – no matter the circumstances.

I reach for…breath. Movement. Dance.
A quick swivel into gratitude. Poetry.
More gratitude. Long walks in nature.
Feeling the beating of my own heart.
Self care. Self pleasure. Orgasm.

I return, again and again, to the tools and practices that connect me back to my divinity. My life force. My fearless feminine nature.

And I had the thought that now – in the midst of all this perennial change – might be the perfect time to explore a few of those transformative tools, together…you in?


If the answer is yes, then I invite you to check out my 5-day Receiving Challenge – a roadmap for restoring a woman to her highest and truest self, even as the daylight dwindles, and the thick, dark mulch of winter sets in.

It is my (totally free) gift to you this holiday season, full of quick and easy ways to reconnect with who you really are, and celebrate yourself right there.

In just five days, I’ll show you how to…

Accept praise (and believe it, too!)
Own your accomplishments
Approve of your circumstances
Operate from overflow
Take exquisite care of your body

We could all use a reminder of our radiance this time of year. Sign up for the Receiving Challenge and start shining your light today.

With so much love and pleasure,

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