I am drenched in gratitude

Extreme gratitude. Sweet gratitude. Outrageous gratitude.

Gratitude that brims like water from a swollen creek bank, or a ripe bursting mango, oozing from its rose-gold casing.

Gratitude like the summer sun, hot, bright, and lavish. Or the dazzling abundance of a snow bank in winter.

Hip swinging, heart-stopping, pulse-thumping gratitude.

Gratitude that has no words and knows no bounds.

That is how I feel, right now, after completing a live in-person retreat in Costa Rica for the women in my Pleasure Coaching Certification.

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The gratitude that flows from something that is smooth and easy, like two bodies connecting on the dance floor.

The gratitude for simple pleasures, like warm jungle rain, or the summer breeze on your skin.

And then there is that wild river of gratitude that bursts forth when you have pushed and pressed into a new iteration of yourself.

I am so f*cking blessed.

For the past few years, my pals, Stephanie Redlener and Megan Jo Wilson, have been whispering in my ear that it’s time for me to do a Teacher Training program.

Telling me, time and again, that the tools and arts I have cultivated over a lifetime were the most powerful transformative technology they had ever experienced. And that each of them wanted a chance to be certified in my method – to add value and substance to their own coaching and facilitating practices.

For a while, I kind of ignored them, but a deep silent part of me was paying close attention.

Then, my friend, Layla Martin, began to gently yank my chain about the very same thing. And next came Miki Agrawal, committed to waking me up to possibilities beyond what I thought I was capable of.

My gratitude to these women for their sisterhood and their love for me, is beyond measure, beyond my wildest imagination…as they had a vision for me that I could not yet see.

(What better sweeter friendship IS there, than a woman who holds the vision for a future that you can not yet hold for yourself?)

And so it was that my tiny but mighty team, Caroline Ladzinski and Lilly Wasserman, grabbed the reins with me and made the miraculous happen.

We launched the Pleasure Coaching Certification on time last fall, and somehow gathered the most incredible galaxy of participants who brought their courage, drive, and inexplicable magnificence to the task of elevating their leadership in this world.

These are women who insist on other women’s desires coming true.

Who are learning the architecture, the structure, the tools, to allow their future clients to go wild with possibility – bringing their dreams out of darkness and into reality.

I know that the world will be immeasurably enhanced because of the work we are doing here, on the inner and the outer.

Because that is the nature of desire.
It is the most powerful force on earth.

I am a living testament to the inevitability of what happens when you place a desire – even a small, almost unimaginable one – inside a community of sisterhood.

We get to live our highest, deepest truth, even if it once seemed impossible.

My wish for you?

That you – and any woman who is called to leadership – join me in experiencing this. A vibrant, outrageous, high-vibe community that sets desires on their feet and other women free.

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To be the creator and the creation, all at the same time, is the highest expression of the feminine.

That is me, that is you, that is woman.

With so much love and pleasure,

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