I am God.

Before you think I have completely lost every cookie in my jar, I have to tell you, that line is not really my line.  I stole it from Kris Carr.  Borrowed it, really.  Trying it on to see how it feels.
I like it.
You try.  Go on.
Right now—come on, give it to me.  You know you want to.
Say it: “I am God.”

A couple weeks ago I had Kris Carr come as a guest speaker to Inner Circle.  Inner Circle (the newest iteration of which is called the Creation Course) is a small closed group of Mastery Graduates.  We meet every month at my loft, and go deeper inside the study of The Womanly Arts.
Kris is the writer, producer and star of the movie Crazy Sexy Cancer.  She is also the bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet, and she has a new book coming out in the fall.
Kris and I are friends—we met at her birthday party last year, and see each other now and then.  While I am a huge fan of her film, and I live by her food guidelines, I never really got to feel the full impact of her and her work until she came to Inner Circle.
Kris is the shit, the deal, and the enchilada.
She is a woman who was forced, by virtue of a life-threatening illness, to redefine herself, her priorities, her life and her lifestyle.
I have always thought of Kris as someone who was a huge proponent of green juice and a vegan diet.  But that is not the half of it.  Where her real zone of genius lives is in how she completely dug down, dug in, and shifted herself from a woman who was filled with self-doubt and self-loathing, to a woman who practices the art of self-love like a 7th dan black belt, as a tour de force, like a prima ballerina.

Self love—for a woman—is not an easy thing, especially in this patriarchal culture we live in.
Self-love is a practice.
Self-hatred is a practice, too.  It is just that we don’t realize we are perpetually taking the actions of practicing it, because we were all conditioned to unconsciously practice self-hatred by a culture that does not yet know how to value the feminine.
Loving yourself is an art form that must be practiced daily, to gain any significant traction.  It is about awakening yourself to a new, more useful awareness.  Just like eating well – you have to choose differently, every day.  You have to walk down different aisles in the supermarket, and read the labels on the boxes instead of just reaching for the same old same old.
One of the questions that Kris was asked at Inner Circle was about her spiritual practice.
She said that her spiritual practice was a bit unorthodox.  That is when she tossed out my favorite line of the night, “I am God. You are God. We all are God.”  With humility, humor and a rebel’s stance.

I loved this.
Well, in describing herself this way, she was utterly humble.  Like a corn muffin.  Or a rescue horse.  Or last night’s sunset.  Humble, perfect, and completely divine.
Just like me, just like you.
And self-love is the way to place the “God/Goddess” inside you.
One of the ways Kris practices this is by looking at herself in the mirror and simply saying, “I love you.” Over and over again.
Try it.
Does it sound kinda kooky?  Too simple?  Perhaps, at first glance.  But I promise you that the practice will change your chemistry instantly.
Your doldrums, your boredom, your doubt will instantly lift, and you will fly free for a few seconds to a place where there is no past, no future, just a gloriously numinous present moment, where you are bathed in your own divinity.
Meet you there?

How do you practice self-love? What does “self-love” even mean, to you? Tell me in the comments below. And if you wanna help me spread the viral condition of self-love, please tweet, Facebook, or email this blog to one of your girlfriends…

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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