I am so, so, so grateful


So grateful.
So moved.
So overwhelmed.
Still floating in the ecstatic brew of the fragrant spell of Mastery.
I am deeply grateful for the 250 exquisite women who have come together for this incredible 9-month journey.
These women are filled with deafening passion, just waiting to erupt in bold new forms.
Voices that want to be heard.
Adventures that want to be lived.
Beauty that wants to be honored.
Batons twirling, we are on the trail.

Here’s what a few Mastery students had to say about this past weekend:

“I sat in the back on day one making snarky comments, thinking the whole thing was hokey, somewhat crass and feeling like the girl in a Chorus Line—I felt nothing. But I brag that on Sunday I came back. I brag that on Sunday I cried. I brag that instead of going off on my own for lunch on Sunday, which would be my normal M.O., on instinct, I reached out to two amazing women—Sister Goddess Heather and Sister Goddess Maria—and we sat in a circle and spoke our desires. I brag that when I turned around and saw Sister Goddess Liz (our most talented photographtrix) and realized the gift she had given me by making it possible for me to be in that room, I felt incredibly loved and blessed. I realized in that moment that I do have the power to conjure something other than parking spots! I brag that I conjured up a sweet and loving phone call from my boyfriend on the drive home. I brag that all of this is a start to stopping the voice that has lived in my head for almost 47 years telling me that it is too late for me.” – SG Leslie

“I brag that I got myself to Mastery in spite of all the resistance I was entertaining. I further brag that I had a fucking awesome day and had the blissful opportunity to parade myself onstage in front of a room full of about 250 women. Wow! I brag that I let myself receive love and support in many, many forms today (beginning with getting my body bejeweled) and it felt awesome. I brag that I was able to be completely full of my amazing self during my turn at favorite frames at lunch and share how incredible it felt to show up enough in the room to let myself be seen and called out by Mama Gena. I brag that I am keeping my commitment with myself to get my daily brag on by using my iPhone—even though I don’t have access to WiFi where I’m staying. I further brag that I am delighted with myself for running an 11-day streak of brags. I got my power back and now that I know what it feels like to have it, I will hold onto it and protect it with the fiercest love imaginable.” – SG Candas

“I brag I had a fabulous weekend being a Big Sister Goddess. I brag I noticed where it is easy for me to play big, and the areas in which I want to place my attention and play bigger. I brag I was able to saturate the women who walked by with my loving gaze—I brag I did not want any of the women to walk on as I felt I had bottomless reserves of love that I was tapping into. I brag that was very different from my first Mastery eye gazing exercise when I could not hold a woman’s gaze at all. I brag I danced my ass off every chance I got. I brag I am part of an amazing group of Bigs. I brag I got so many compliments on my ass, legs, and dancing—thank you. I brag I wanted to shine brightly, and I did.” – SG Clare

What a privilege it is to live in a country, in a time, where we have the opportunity to live our gifts.
This Mastery I dedicated to five women and girls who do not have that privilege.
Malala Yousafzai; Nabila and Fareba Gul; the 23-year-old woman in New Delhi who was raped and murdered on a bus; and the 9-year-old girl in Pakistan who survived gang rape last month.
We stand in full blazing honor of our sisters, of all women, all girls, who cannot stand in full blazing honor themselves, because of living inside a culture that shuts them down.
The reclamation of Mastery has begun.
We reclaim with dance, with song, with outrageous acts of beauty.
We reclaim with creative fire.
With celebration.
With sacred sensuality.
With gratitude.
Gratitude for being born woman.
Gratitude for the incumbency of living our gifts in our lifetimes.
Mastery has begun. I am so so so grateful.

Add your own delicious flavor to this ecstatic brew and tell me in the comments below: what are you grateful for in this moment, this very second?

And if you’d like to invite another woman to step inside her full feminine reclamation, please share this post.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. I’ve had a few women asking if they could still join Mastery. The short answer is yes. Every year, right about now, we get women wanting to enroll their friends or family members to do the course with them. And, of course, some of you just wait ’til the absolute last possible moment, too. You’re in luck, sister, as we’ve planned ahead just for you. We have class recordings, materials, and a whole special process designed to get you caught up and in the loop, so you don’t miss a single drop. You must call Lauren immediately, though, at 646-682-0416, as this will truly be the last chance this year.

photo: lizlinder.com

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