I just couldn’t wait!

It’s Monday, Sisters, and I know, I know, I am a day early, but I just could not wait to inform you all of what is going down starting TOMORROW!

I was overwhelmed and thrilled by the responses we received to our blog post requesting your deepest questions. The stories we read, the questions plead, touched me to the core and beyond, and made me so grateful to provide the opportunity to give insight, feedback and answers.


As you will see in the first video of our series, tomorrow, geared around “life transitions,” our panel was able to help me curate your fabulous questions into some common themes.

As promised, I took these themes and interviewed some graduates to hear about their experiences and stories during complex times, so as a community we can learn from each other.

But, after pouring over your questions that just didn’t seem like enough! So what we have done is taken these four themes and have broken them out into weeks.

Each week we are going to address a theme, introduce our panel of sister goddesses and hear about their experiences. Then they are going to answer some of your questions, opening up the comment section to allow for a discussion. As a bonus, our panelists are going to be available the few days following the post to interact with your comments, so we can gain the full potential of our goddess community!

I can’t wait!

Join me tomorrow for our theme “Life in transition.”

Yours truly,
Mama Gena


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